Tuesday, July 31, 2012


This weekend I got the pleasure of going out to Denver, along with some other girls from high school, to see our friend Katie who lives out there.
Let me tell you what folks. It was an AWESOME weekend. These girls are the type that I don't have to see...or I suppose even talk to for awhile and everything is back to the same. You know what I mean, I think we all have at least one person like that. I am lucky enough to have several!
The first night we were there we walked to dinner. The path lead us along some artsy parts of town. They have some of the coolest art out in the public!

We went to dinner at the Wynkoop Brewing Company.
It's one of the many micro breweries in Denver, and it was delicious!

They had "Trains" which was just a series of beers you could try based on the types.
For example there was a "different & unique" and there was a Summer series, etc.
We ordered two and shared all around :)

I don't even think the food needs an explaination!
So. Good.

The girls.
From left to right, Katie, Nicole, Jenn, and Ashleigh.

 On Saturday we decided we wanted to go for a hike in Boulder.
We went to Mount Santina Trail.
Boy were we in for a treat!
None of us, expect Katie who is the one that lives there, was prepared for that thin air, and steep incline.

There were many breaks along the way.
We were all winded, and very thirsty from the start.
But that's ok because there were awesome views!

Like this one :)

The sky was so blue.
It was grogeous!

 We finally made it to the top!

It was super tough, but we all felt very accomplished.

 Those of you from bigger cities have probably seen these, but for you that aren't, you can rent these bikes to get around town from place to place.
You are able to pick up them, and drop them off at any station.
Pretty neat huh?!

After the hike we went into Boulder for something to eat, and to walk Pearl St.
It was a neat little area with cute shops, and lots of people walking around.

There were all kinds of street performers!

On our way back into Denver.
There was a baseball game going on so there was quite a bit of traffic...clearly.

That night we decided to make some snacks and apps for dinner.
It was an AWESOME girls night in, and we did what we did best.
Ate, talked, and laughed!

 The next day we decided to take advantage of the weather, and the bikes I mentioned above.
We use to ride bikes all over our hometown!
Eveywhere and all the time.
It was nostaglic for all of us, and yet again so much fun!

We went to eat at Snooze.
It's this great breakfast and brunch place that only used organic ingreidents.
The recipes are made from scratch, and the produce and meat are hand picked from local farms.
They are clearly, a very enviromentally friendly and health concious place.
You gotta try it if you go to Denver.
 After breakfast we rode the bikes to another little street filled with remaining farmers markets and cute little boutigues.
We found little baby seats and couldn't resist :) However, we continued to sit there for another 30 mins.

For dinner we went to dinner at a taco restaurant called Margs.
They have amazing margaritas and tacos.
What is cool is that you could get a 2 or 3 taco meal where you could pick from this long list of taces.
There was pork, fish, caperese, chicken.

I think the most important part of this trip wasn't really caught on camera though.
It was so good to see these girls, and I had so much fun.
The older I get the more I realize how lucky, and actually rare we are in having maintained our friendship.
I'm not the greatest at staying in touch with others, but I truly feel like the quote from above is my group of girls from home!
They are all amazing, smart, hilarious, and kind.
They made this weekend unforgetable!

Happy Tuesday!


Heidi Hopewell said...

Your trip looked like so much fun! I've been dying to visit Colorado. Dave was actually in Colorado over the week/weekend as well visiting some friends. He went off exploring and hiking. Once he got back he told me that the wives all get to go with their husbands on the next round because it was so incredible. How funny that you were both there right around the same time! Small world :)

Nikki said...

OMG I have always wanted to go to Denver and now seeing this makes me wanna go that much more!

Joy said...

I have tears in my eyes..........So good to see you all together!

Married...with a Pup said...

SOOOO fun!!! I've never been to Denver to visit. Only flew through a couple of times. I've always wanted to go though! Love your pictures!

osmr said...

Aww, thanks for sharing this. (I am only getting to it now because I was with grams yesterday.) Anyway - I can't tell you how it makes me feel to see you all together and up to the stuff you have always been known for - playing, talking, laughing, eating. Sure you are older, but each of you is "still there". Makes me smile, smile, smile! You have become beautiful young women!!!

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