Monday, July 23, 2012

This weekend...

Please do not have high hopes for this post because I simply cannot write anything to deep and meaningful today. 
Today I'm struggling. Why? Because...
1) It's Monday.  Enough said. 
2) I'm exhausted. Not just tired people, exhausted. 
3) I am extremely sore and even my mind is to busy focusing on that than what to write today.
Yesterday Kev and I spent 8 hours cleaning out and organizing the garage. 
Yes, you read that correctly 8 hours
No one, including us, realized how much shit we actually had in there! 
We have so much stuff it's ridiculous...
and I realize that every time we do these projects.
Despite feeling like hell today it is gratifying to know that we got everything cleaned up, and it looks the!
 I'll give ya a picture later since we aren't quite done yet. 
Again, you are reading that right...even after 8 hours we aren't done =/
But it's all about the little touches right?!

It was a good weekend though. 
Friday was spent eating some Marcella's with the family.  If you've never been. You need to!
Saturday got to see some of the Color Run my parents were participating in and we went to the Jazz and Rib Fest!
 The parents after the run :)
They aren't to covered in color compared to some of the others I saw, but not bad.

 and Kev's cousin married!!!!
 Unfortunately I didn't get like any pictures before my camera died :(  Blogger fail

 Mr. and Mrs. P! 
Congrats to Mandy and Chad!!!

Ok that was enough writing.
I'm physically and mentally drained so you are going to get a little bit of music. 
I'll give ya some of my recent favs.
Just different. Love it! 

 I realize that I really like Awolnation!
All their popular songs have seemed to catch my...ears I suppose in this case. 

For the gangsta lova in ya :) 
 I love this song. It's cute, and has a good beat!

Happy Monday. 



H. said...

Seriously, we are at all the same places at the same times. I ran in the color run this weekend & went to the Jazz and Rib Fest that night! So much fun :) {Minus the ultra crowds haha}

osmr said...

Thanks for the nod...too bad I look like something is wrong with me physically! What IS that stance I am in? Love Awolnation song! Adding it to my ipod. And GOOD JOB on the garage. It's a nasty job but full of rewards when finished. (and "to, too, two" as "also" or very much is "too", thank you...just a little grammar ocd for you)

Married...with a Pup said...

My husband and I LOVEEEE Awolnation! I want to see them in concert so bad! Whoa, 8 hours! That is some hard core commitment! Even though your exhausted, I bet it feels good to check it off your list!

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