Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Life Begins

Alright. I just need to say one thing before the quote for today.
Ted...the movie...is hilarious!
Went to see it with the hubs and some friends, and laughed the entire time.
I highly recommend it!
If you like Family Guy-ish humor that is

Happy Tuesday! 


1 comment:

The Management said...

Like the quote!


Ted. Let's talk about that. See, I really thought that both The Prince and I were going to love it. The Prince loves Family Guy, and I generally do as well.....

But I just hated that movie. I don't even know why... I guess I didn't like that they intertwined the humour with a sappy love story? I laughed at a few parts but I was mostly siting there with a raised eyebrow. When we walked out I remember saying "Couldn't they just have used those jokes in a Family Guy episode?"

I don't know... everyone else seems to have loved it and I'm a little sad I didn't, especially given my love for all things hilarious.

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