Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wedding: The Bridal Party

Many of you know that my friends are just as much my family as my real family are.
So I felt very lucky, and honored to have such an amazing bridal party for our wedding.

All of the...members?...are close friends or family to both of us, and were all people I couldn't have imagined my day without.
I think one of the coolest, and one of my most favorite things about my bridal party is that almost all of them have witnessed Kevin and I's relationship from the very beginning. 
When I say witnessed, I mean been very much a part of.
Through the good, bad, and the ugly they have supported us, together and as individuals. 
What could be better than that for a bridal party?

I'm going to let you guys get to know a little about them yourself with pictures :)


 The maid-of-honor, my sister, Julia and the Best man, Kev's dad, Mark. 
I think it's completely understandable why we choose these two to be our MOH & BM. 
They are family, and probably our closest friends. 
It was an easy decision for the both of us to make!
 The's right. Ddub and Jdub were in the wedding, of course :) 
It was amazing having our two best friends next to us during our big day! Just 3 months earlier Jason and Danielle got married, and Kev and I were both able to share their day together in their bridal party. 
I'm not sure many couples can say that, but then again I'm just sure many couples are like the 4 of us :) 
Have I mentioned that Danielle has a blog? No, ok go check it out! 

My sister-in-law and Kev's sister, Megan, and one of our best friends, Kyle. 
I think it goes without saying that these two are the goofballs off the group! 
Neither one of them fails to make us laugh, and lighten the mood...whether they mean to or not :)
One of my bestest friends ever, Lindsey, and Kev's long time friend Jeff. 
Kev and Jeff have been friends forever. For real. Since like elementary school forever. 
I think it's awesome that Kev and Jeff have maintained such a good friendship over the years. 
Lindsey and I have been friends since day one of college. I have so many amazing memories with her, and know I can count on her when I need a shoulder to cry on, or a good wake up call. She's always been able to tell me like it is, and I love it! 

 Last but certainly not least, my other best friend Korie, and one of our best friends Bill aka Boomer. 
Korie, along with Lindz and I have been one of the best friends from day one. We were a trio, pretty much inseparable. Korie is by far one of the nicest, sweetest girls you would ever meet. Boomer has also been one to be around from day one. I can still remember the day Kev introduced me to him...mainly because the house, of the house party we were at was called "Boomer's" and I ask who or what is Boomer. It's been a great friendship ever since :)

 Julia did all of the bridal party's, myself included, make-up!
She did a really great job :)
Anyone in the Columbus area want to hire her? lol.
...I'm serious.


 Everyone walking down the aisle! 

After the ceremony.
Hugs all around. 
 Handsome fellas :)

 Pretty girls! 

 It was freezing out that day!
So we hurried with these outdoor ones, and huddled up a lot :)
I totally give props of all my ladies for being out there in the little dresses.



I love watching Bridal Party entrances :) 
We walked into Howlin' for You by the Black Keys. 

Best Man speech. 
It was very touching, and it was great to hear some of the stories from Kev's childhood. 
Mark and Kev really are best friends, of course on top of being father and son. 
I pretty much know what Kev is going to be like in the future, he's going to be his dad. He looks like him, he acts like him, and I think one of the greatest things is that I love that, because Mark is an awesome guy...of course you all know Kev is too :)

 Yep, that's my sister. 

 She had us tearing up a bit...

 ...and then she called Kevin a ginger! 

Julia did an amazing job.
I honestly thought she'd be a lot more nervous than she was! 

I look back at these, and I think about these people and I just know that I really could never have chosen or even imagined Kev and I's wedding day without them standing up there with us. 
Each and every one of them means something to Kev and myself. 
Each and every one of them will be a part of our lives forever.
Love you best friends!



Danielle {Love + the City} said...

great post! Such a fun day with an AMAZING bridal party!

Thanks for the shout out! ;)

The Management said...

Yay another wedding post!

You had such an amazing wedding party!

I bet someone will call The Prince a ging during our wedding speeches too.... money's on his best friend, haha.

osmr said...

Here's some love for you: I loved reading this! (BTW - Kev and I's = Our ....just sayin')

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Love this post!! The more I read about your wedding the more and more amazing it sounds!! :)

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