Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wedding: Family

The family. 

The biggest reason that Kev and I were able to have such a special day! 

Heck, the reason we are alive and are what we are. 

Both of us would tell you that we owe our families so much for being their for us throughout our lives, making us the good people that we are today, and of course being so supportive of our marriage. 
I know my family did not hesitate in the slightest welcoming Kevin into the family, and I had the same feeling towards Kev's family. Even years before saying "I do" I knew that we were a huge part of each others families. They cared about us together and as individuals.
Without these amazing support systems we would never be where we are today!

Of course my mom was the one that helped me get ready the most.

 Good luck before walking down the aisle :) 

 Walking down the aisle.
It was nice that Kevin got to escort his mom.
It meant a lot to the both of them! 

The family portraits come next. 
We had limited time in the church since there is a 5 o'clock mass on Saturdays. 
So we had to fly through some of these. 
Hardly even remember taking some of them =/ 

 My family.
Mom, Dad, and Ju :)

 Kev's Mom side! 

 Grandma, Kathy (Kev's mom), Megan, and Mark (Meg's hubs!)

 Two of the loveliest ladies in Kev's life! 

 Kev's mom & dad <3

Kev's dad side!

 Little Megan, Amanda, Lynn, Mark, and Megan (aka Big Megan in this case lol)

My dad gave a welcome/thank you speech.
It was very touching, and I know that Kevin knew that he was greatly welcomed into the family. He knew before I suppose, but this time it was legal :)
My dad was happy with us girls, but I know he's so pumped to have a guy in the family! 

I love this picture. 
Lynn watching Mark give his Best Man's speech. 
She was so happy that Kev had asked Mark to be his Best Man. She understood what that meant to Mark probably more than any of us.

Father/Daugther Dance.
You should all know this is not our first. My dad did a couple daddy dances with me when I was taking ballet, and those types of classes when I was younger. 
This however was much different.
We danced to Walk with You by Edwin McCain.
I wanted my dad to pick out the song we danced too, and he did. I had never heard it, but I loved it the second I did :)
  Someone got teary eyed. 

 Mother/Son dance. 
I was almost more emotional for this part than the dance with my dad. 
I'm not sure why, but it was cute to watch them dance together. 
They danced to Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. 
I'm not sure I've seen Kathy smile so much in one moment. 
She is definitely very proud of her son, and so am I! 

Kev and I both greatly treasure our families. We are both extremely thankful for everything they have done for us, both in life and for our wedding day. We love them all very much! 

Happy Thursday!



osmr said...

This is very sweet, Meg. Thank you! <3

The Management said...


Sooooooo sweet, you and your dad, oh my goodness. SO SWEET. AND HE PICKED THE SONG. AHHHH.

bonbon said...

Such a sweet post! I LOVE your wedding dress! That deep v neck is absolutely stunning on you! Fun to see all these pictures- makes me think I should do a wedding post! Just found your blog and have loved getting to know you better. I'm excited to follow along!

new follower :)

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