Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesday :)

Can I tell you how much I love Pinterest days :)
I have found some really fun stuff, and a lot of good quotes!
I'm sure none of you will mind me sharing them with you huh?

I could wear color and navy forever!

It really is true.
Are you inspired or drained?

I want this!
I use to wear an anklet all the time, but I haven't had one in forever!

Lol. But glitter is so fun!

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Come on baber, let's go!

What a great entry way.
I love the stripes!
I wouldn't mind making some updates to our entry space.
We'll see what happens.

Source: via Paula on Pinterest

Wisdom from an 8 year old and a dog.
...and it's true!

Steak, spinach, and garlic!
Three of my favorite things :)

So precious :)


Love the nautical theme for a nursery. 
When the time comes I know what we will do :)

Challenge accepted!

Really cute and I'm in need of some art for the guest room!
I could do a bunch in all kinds of colors.
Hmm...the wheels are turning...

I'm not sure where manners are going but here is a friendly reminder!

Happy Wednesday!



Leah said...

Love all your pins, especially that first outfit and the dog quote. Following you on Pinterest.

Andrea {blonde ambitions} said...

Great pins! I love the 8 year old boys saying :) That steak looks amazing! New follower of yours as well! So glad to "meet" you!

Nikki said...

Coral and navy are great together! Love the love anklet so dainty! Totally agree with the if your dog dont like someone pin! Dogs are are great judge of character! The goat on the rocks, AWESOME!

Jen Grantham said...

LOVE the pins, especially that darling little duck. I'm now your newest pinterest follower!
Jen @

Life With Lauren said...

Great pins I love / want the love ankle bracelet!

Married...with a Pup said...

Loveeee that entry way!! Now that makes me want to do some stripes. And I totally agree with that quote about not liking somebody your dog doesn't!!

Erin O'Riordan said...

That glitter ecard is too funny!

Leigh said...

I love all your pins, especially the striped entry way...Such a neat greeting to your home!

H. said...

I really love all of these...I need to start following you on pinterest! :)

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