Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wedding: First Dance

So some of you may have already seen this, but I have no shame in posting it again because it was easily in my top three favorite things about our wedding. 

Kev and I's first dance. 

For those of you who have not seen or heard of this before the story goes a little something like this. 
One night Kev went out on a boys night with a couple of his high school buddies. 
Well, one of his friends brought/invited some of his work friends. 
Enter Troy. 
Kev and Troy started chatting.
Kev talked about our wedding, and Troy talked about his dance background. 
Somehow it came down to Troy and Kev coming to an agreement for dance lessons. 
That was one of my birthday presents :) 

Yes, ladies and gents my husband was so thoughtful he came back from a boys night at the bar with wedding dance lesson under his belt for his fiancee's birthday. 
Do I have a great man or what?

We started taking the lessons in December (2010), and went to one about everyday 2-3 weeks until the end of September (2011)
The lessons were fun, and sometimes frustrating...more fun in the end. 
Kevin did an amazing job the entire time. Troy always said how impressed he was, and that most men wouldn't catch on so quickly. 
Made me proud of my dancing fool fiance (at the time). 

I think the most exciting part for me was that no one, other than Troy, and a dance club we did a couple rehearsals in front of saw the dance before the wedding. 
No one. 
It was great to have friends and family be, and I'm going to toot our own horns here, so impressed and proud of us for our hard work and AWESOME dance :) 
We danced to David Gray's - This Year's Love.


...and of course this time I have a video for you :) 

Happy Thursday. 

Ps - I'll be out tomorrow and Monday as I'll be in Colorado with some of my lovely ladies. Of course you'll all get an update when I return! Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. So beautiful that I have tears running down my face. I can't stop crying LOL! This is love.

Just wow.

Thanks for sharing this!


kailyn marie said...

seriously, the cutest first dance I've ever seen!!!!

The Management said...

you, my dear, are officially responsible for making me tear up EVERY THURSDAY.

I'm not a crier, I don't know whatchu talkin' bout.

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Aww I love it!!! Great post!

osmr said...

Always makes me smile because it's so sweet and feel a little melancholic....because it's still so sweet. XO

Shane Prather said...

My VERY favorite part of the entire wedding! You guys were amazing :) xo

Joey said...

This is so beautiful! You guys are wonderful dancers. What a special memory :-D

Chloe said...

Your wedding was absolutely beautiful. =) I love it.

I also reallly like to stalk your blog so I nominated you for an award!

Idk why it isn't working. Sorry! It's the newest post.

Have a great week!

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