Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A dog birchbox?

We are going to stick with the dog & animal theme I think this week :)
First, a quote for quotable Tuesday!
Source: etsy.com via Megan on Pinterest

So you all know how I'm all about the discount sites. 
And of course you all know I love animals. Especially my dog, Gunner.
Well a few weeks ago I ran across this deal for the pupster on Fab.com - $25 off of BarkBox.com.
Color me intrigued. 
I go and check out the site, decide it's legit, and swipe the coupon. 
Boy, could I...well Gunner...be any happier that I found that deal.

I know there as many of you out there with fur babies and like to spoil them as much as I do.
Let's be real, Gunner is more spoiled than some kids I know.
BarkBox could be well worth it for that little pampered pooch of yours.
It's exactly what you are thinking. 
The BirchBox of dogs! 
Each month you will get new items in the box for you pooch, or feline. 
See that cat people, you can get this too!
Currently they are basing the boxes off of your animals weight...
So pretty much small, medium, and large.

This was Gunner's first box. 
What did he get?

 It's actually funny I got this because I bought one on my own...from Fab.com. Clearly I like the sight. Let me tell ya, I love it!
Soggy Paws is a towel that makes wiping the dogs feet down easier.
The towel is made of terry cloth but it's not as fuzzy as what our towels would be. It's a bit more "rough" so you can get the water or dirt off and out of the dog hair.
You just insert your hands into the pockets at each end and viola instant dog dryer :)
They even have a Soggy Dog so you can wipe the whole dog down. 

These are grain free, vitamin packed, and antioxidant rich doggy treat. 
Easy enough.
Gunner loves peanut butter...these could be a new favorite!
I actually checked out Tumbleweed & Eddie's site. 
It's awesome :)
All their ingredients are human grade!

It's exactly what it says it is. 
 It's an all natural freeze dried...puck...of food. 
These freeze dried foods are actually considered a "raw diet" food for your dog.
A raw diet improves the appetite, digestion, stamina, and vitality of your dog.
We even got a coupon to get ourselves some more. 

 A popsicle for puppies! 
You just pop this little guy into the freezer for a couple hours, and then feed it to your pup for a refreshing summer treat.

It's a durable, rubber dog toy. 
Very similar to the Kong
The toy is food-grade silicon, and is freezer, oven, and dishwasher safe! 
They even have recipes for you to make  treats right inside the toy! 
No more mess just so Gunner can have a treat! YES!

Overall I'm satisfied with the box of goodies...and so is Gunner! 
I'll be getting 5 more months of these suckers so you'll have to come back and check out what Gunner gets next. 

Do you think you'll get a BarkBox for your furry friend?

Happy Tuesday!



The Management said...

This is actually really cool. Thanks for sharing! Gunner is such a lucky furbaby!

Joanna said...

this sounds very awesome! I may just have to get this for my little Pumpkin Pie :)

poptartyogini said...

No dog or cat for me but I think this is just adorable!

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

I didn't know about this!!!! I am totally getting this for our dog!!

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