Thursday, June 21, 2012

Marrying My King: The Ceremony

Happy Thursday.
Today is the first of my little wedding picture series.
I'll be sticking with Thursday's as it seems to be plenty of time for me to prepare the post.
I've decided to call it Marrying My King, because let's be real, all Queens need a King :)

All pictures by Brandy J. Photography
First off, the ceremony.
As soon as we walked into the St. Joseph's, I knew it was the place that Kevin and I would get married.It was, and still is one of the most beautiful churches I've ever seen.
Kevin and I were both born & raised Catholics and we knew that we both wanted a Catholic wedding.
We aren't always the best at following Catholic tradition but we did know we wanted to be married in the church.
I'll show you all more of some detail, and bridal party (which includes the getting ready) pictures later on, so we are skipping right to the ceremony.

As I got ready I couldn't believe how calm I was! 
I mean I was nervous but I thought I'd be a lot more fidgety or talkative. 
Nope, I was fine. Just got ready, did my thing, and waited.

Father Gribble. 

Kevin and I didn't see each other before the ceremony. 
I think he was pretty anxious to see me, and honestly I was extremely anxious to finally see him.
It was great to see his reaction, and since Kev isn't much of a cry-er, watching the big ole grin come across his face was amazing. Some people want tears, I want that smile.

I'm honestly kind of surprised I didn't lose it.

Little Megan was our first speaker.
She did a really great job.


Amanda was the second reader.
She is a great speaker.
Very calm and even tempered.

My favorite thing about our ceremony is that Kev and I got to say our vows facing everyone there.
Many Catholic, and I suppose other ceremonies will face the alter.
We got the chance to get a good look at everyone was there for us.
It was a really incredible feeling to be able to see them like that knowing they were supporting our life together.

After the vows and the exchanging of the rings Kev and I were pronounced husband and wife.
It's a little different then other religious ceremonies, because that pronouncing of husband and wife isn't the very end.
Nope, we continue on with our mass as most Catholic weddings are a wedding and a mass all in one.


Presenting Mr. & Mrs. O'Dell.

High fiving Hung :) 

Our ceremony was more than I could have ever dreamed.
Everything about it ended up being perfect from the priest to the trumpet player.

Happy Thursday!



Audra said...

Oh my goodness - what a beautiful ceremony!!! You look absolutely stunning!

Danielle said...

obviously I LOVE this post :) Can't wait to see the rest and relive such a great day! Love you guys!

aaaand now I'm going to look at everyone's faces in the background of pics. lol

poptartyogini said...

What a beautiful church inside and out. I loved having a Catholic ceremony because it meant everyone had to stay at the church for longer. I love your dress and how happy you both look.

Tennille said...

What an amazing church! And your dress is so beautiful!

H. said...

You look so beautiful! I love your colorful bouquet and the church is incredible!

The Management said...


The Prince and I both come from big ol' Catholic families as well, and were raised going to church every Sunday.

If/when we get married, we'll be on the hunt for a gorgeous Cathedral like this one! And I love the wedding/mass rolled into one- I want that too!

Kevin's smile at you coming up the aisle is incredible! He loves you so much!

Sarah Stright said...

Gorgeous!!! And you look so amazing. What a beautiful couple.

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

You look stunning - your dress is amazing!!!! Perfect for you!! :) I love every detail from your wedding!

Nikki said...

Your wedding dress is beautiful and the church is stunning!

osmr said...


Deidre said...

The bodice of your dress is STUNNING. Inspector Climate and I are just in the midst of planning our ceremony now - so I loved hearing about yours!

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