Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend: Running with the Pack

Good morning and Happy Monday (if there is such a thing).

I. Unfortunately. Have a lot to do today, but I wanted to give you a recap of what Danielle and I did this last Saturday. Mainly because it was a lot of fun, and I know many of you out there are animals lovers just like us :)

About a week or so ago Danielle and I went to an event at Park St. Patio that was showcases places you could volunteer around Columbus. 
We both knew we wanted to find an animal shelter, and within minutes (ok, that's a lie it look us like 20 mins to stand in line to get a was free alright, I would have stood there for awhile) we had found the Pets without Parents organization. 
We quickly signed up and happened to notice a little flier regarding the run.

Of course we knew we were going to do it. 
Danielle got us registered and before we knew it it was Saturday morning.

We got ourselves and the pups ready and we were off.

I'm not going to lie I was a little nervous about how Gunner would do. 
Not around other dogs, oh no, he loves other dogs, but with the walk itself. 
He seems to get hot and winded quickly. 
We keep him very active so I'm not sure if it's because of his breed or what.

Anyways, I'll let the pictures do the talking from here :)
 Pup tent city (pun intended).

 Danielle got a little goodie bag. 
Said goodie bag had a treat in it. 
Guess who had the most best friends at the dog park?

Team Han-Gun. 
Clearly we love our pups a whole lot.
I probably have more pictures of Gunner than anything else. 
Crazy dog lady? Maybe...

 Getting ready to start. 

And we're off. 
 The 5K run & walk happen at the same time. 
It was great to see so many people and dogs out there. 

Of course other than helping puppers out my favorite part of the walk was the actual route. 
At first it didn't seem like anything to major but then we came up around this lake.

We went into this wooded area...

and boom.
We got this view.

I love this city. 
This is probably one of the best views I've ever had of this city!

Gunner was keeping up just fine.

 Hannah and Gunner finishing their first 5K (pic compliments of Danielle).
I think Danielle and I were just as relieved as the pups were. 
It was so hot outside.
So proud of our pups. 

Needless to say someone was very tired the next day.
Nose deep in cuddles :)

This was probably one of my favorite volunteering things I've ever done.
Being the animal lover that I am it was great to see so many people, and dogs for that matter out supporting the no-kill shelter. 
We knew our money was going to a good place, and both of us are very excited to continue volunteering with Pets without Parents. 
If anyone is interesting in what they are about check out their website here: Pets without Parents.
I'd also like to add that if you are in the Columbus area you need to check out this park. 
It's called the Scioto Audubon Metro Park
There are all kinds of things to do out there, and as you saw the walking paths are awesome. 
There is a dog park, a rock climbing wall (the husbands are realllly into that right now, there is a good chance you'll see them if you go out there lol), volleyball courts, and a playground. 

Happy Monday



Ashley said...

Wow! Good job!!

Nikki said...

This is so cool! I need to see if I can find something like this around my area!

osmr said...

Well done you guys! See? That 5K is nothin'. When I heard about this I knew Gun was going to be fine in participating - especially after his last running adventure with Jim! Keep up the good work as well as the encouragement for others to BE INVOLVED! You have so much at your own back door it would be a shame to not give back, right? Right!

poptartyogini said...

That park is pretty amazing. So many things to do! I'm glad the 5k went well and that it was for such a good cause. You should be proud!

The Management said...

so cute. go you! (and gunner, of course.)

Married...with a Pup said...

Whoa, that park looks amazing!! I would love to do a 5K like that with my dog! Such a great cause.

Candice said...

This is probably the coolest thing!!
When I moved to Australia I obviously had to leave all the family pets at home, which was AWFUL!!!
Thank goodness I found a job with resident cats and dogs or i would be lost!

Sidne said...

cookie dough pops made with almond milk. don't play! lol where is the recipe? really, for real for real.

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