Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wedding: Reception

Good morning & happy Thursday!

I'd like to start off with a big ole WOOO HOOO!!!
I'm so thankful for all of you!
I'm extremely flattered to boot!
Thank you for finding me interesting and loving this here little blog.
I'm still not the greatest at all this writing, but I try, and appreciate the support!
I know it's not supposed to be about the numbers, and it's not, but it's a good feeling seeing it and I couldn't keep this blog up without you!

When we first started planning for our wedding I knew that it would be a good idea for us to check out the hotels in the area for our reception venue since we were planning on having a good bit of people from out of town coming.

Kev had been to a friends wedding at the Renaissance before and suggested that I put on that on the list of "places to check out" because he loved it! 
Hell, if he loved it I knew it was worth checking out because what guy really pays attention to that kind of stuff if it isn't good?!
Am I right?

Well we checked out the Renaissance Downtown Columbus, and it was instant love! 
Being the type of person I am I had to check out a few more options, just to be sure, but once I had gone to the Renaissance nothing compared in my mind.

The whole experience with them was easy. We even had the event planner we started with, Nicole, leave, and transitioned to a new one, Alison. Funny part, I had already met Alison at the Hyatt one of the other hotels we looked at! The move was flawless believe it or not! Both event planners were amazing, patient, and always found our answers for us in a timely manner. They worked with us, we got great room deals, were able to negotiate some points, and they even gave us some great suggestions.

They did even better the night of. The food was incredible! The staff (event and wait) were so nice, and helpful. They were extremely attentive to Kev and I. It felt like whenever I looked around there was someone close by to get anything we needed...even safety pins at one point!

I'd like to add that I had a wedding planner Kate that made everything so amazingly easy! I'll talk about her in the details part! Even funnier than the funny part, Alison was the event planner for Kate's wedding since Kate got married at the Hyatt.
Small world peeps.

Columbus brides-to-be I highly suggest you give the Renaissance a look. I don't think you'll be disappointed!

Kev's mom and grandma made us an awesome wedding card. 

One really nice thing we had is a board room for us and the bridal party to hang out in and eat some before we were announced. As much as I loved seeing everyone it was nice to have a little break. Take a breather if you will.

Again, I'm skipping some of the reception as I plan to do posts about the different aspects.
This one is going to be mainly about the people that were there celebrating us.
Our support system. Our backbone. Our family. Our friends.

 My cousin Joe gave the blessing.
He is an excellent speaker and gave a very touching speech.
Joe has been one of my closest cousins growing up so it was really an honor to have him do that for us.

Clearly Kevin wanted some of that cake! 
I was really nervous he was going to smash the cake on me, but he didn't :) 
He did give me the biggest bite of all time though lol. 
I'll give you all a better look at the cake in the deets post ;) 

Laughing at the look on my face from the oversized bite!
This series is probably some of my favorite pictures.
I love looking at everyone's faces, and little Alaina in there! lol. 
Jenn (check out her blog) in the gray dress ended up catching it! 

Good catch Brian! 

I loved that everyone...and I do mean everyone...was up dancing!

I didn't get to do a ton of dancing because 1) I wanted to get to talk to as many people as possible. How often is it that you have everyone you love in a room with you?!  2) I did not feel good all night. That's right I was sick at my wedding. Ok, not the ceremony but the reception. 
I think it was all the stress and nerves kind of hitting me.
However, I had a great time and wouldn't have changed anything for the world.

Our wedding day was also Tavie's birthday! 
She is awesome and I was so happy to have them there to share our and her special day together!
Even more funny then the funnier part. Alison the event planner went to college with Tavie and Edd's son! She knew them and was so excited to see them! 
For real, how small can this world get?!

Sister-in-laws booging down ;)
Do you love the woman in red!
She is a good friend of Lynn's, and I believe it her and her husband anniversary!?
Let me tell you what folks, she had some moves!

It was so great all my hometown friends got to join too! 
I wouldn't be who I am without them! 

Don't Stop! Believin! 
My favorite :) 

As I look at all of these pictures I get emotional.
 This was such an amazing day.
The food, the music, the atmosphere.
Everything. Was. Perfect!

Ya know what was even better?
Having so many people there supporting Kev and I, and having so much fun!
It really can't get any better, or loving, than that.
Kevin and I are so lucky to have so many wonderful people in our lives.

Come back over the next few Thursday's to check out more of the Renaissance in the Bridal Party post, and the Bride & Groom post, and the deets post (especially all you cbus brides-to-be, they have some great spaces for pictures!)

Happy Thursday



Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Congrats on 102 followers!!!!! All your pictures really show how much fun everyone was having!!! Looks like it was a blast!

H. said...

What a beautiful wedding! I really love your dress and the colors you chose :)

J+H @ Beyond The Stoop said...

whaaaat?? how come i never saw these pics before?? now you have officially proved to "mr p" that i, in fact, DO dance like this!! he makes fun of my dancing all the time, and i INSIST that i DON'T do this move!!

thanks, meg. thanks ;)

on another note, your sister will be staying at my house before you do. what's up with that!? planning must happen SOON!

poptartyogini said...

Your reception looks like a blast. Everyone has huge smiles on their faces. The renaissance looks like a beautiful venue. 102 followers?! Amazing.

The Management said...

amazing pictures- looks like a rockin' time. It sucks that you were feeling a little sick but it's great that you can still look back and not want to change a thing :)

osmr said...

Ahh, what fun that was! Two things make me laugh: 1) Tavie is with two different men - those that don't know her are probably wondering - but it doesn't matter, they are all fun and happy shots of her! And the one where she is cracking Steve up is my favorite!
2) You posted some pretty funny dance pictures ofsome pretty funny know who I'm talkin' 'bout.....makes me laugh out loud! (Thank heavens they didn't catch me dancing on film _ might have to hunt you down....) And wasn't the first EP at the Renaissance named Shannon?

Fun Post Megs - thanks for the smile!!

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