Monday, September 19, 2011

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge: Day 1

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge
I've decided to link up with Miss Neely and Amber to do the Fall Blog Challenge. With everything that is going on right now with the wedding, and other upcoming fun I've had to much on the brain to come up with some good topics. I like doing challenges and really anything to proclaim my love for fall is A-Okay by me :) 

Today's challenge topic: Fall Traditions 

Some of these things you may have already seen (actually probably about two posts below). But it is what it is right?! 

Let's get some of the repeats out of the way shall we. 

I love these things. It's an unhealthy obsession, but every year...well every fall I HAVE to get as much of this as I can while it's around. 

I have to take over BBW and raid the fall candles! I love them and some of the decor they have right now is adorable! Go check it out - Bath & Body Works

Boots. I get a new pair...ok ok new pairs each fall. I make it a point to have the beginning of fall trip to DSW. They have a great selection in right now.

Tailgating. I always try to make it to at least one game of the year! It didn't happen last year, not once :( However, I've already got one game under my belt this year and there are many more to go. 

Early morning start off to Renie's. Renie's is a little hole in the wall bar that is open pretty much 24 hours a day. Every Homecoming we go and wake ourselves up with a drinky poo or two...or three...or four :)
Senior Year: Our girl Steph from IamStephanie, Blogging won homecoming queen! GO TEM & STEPH!
O.C. Homecoming. Obviously when I was in college I would attend Otterbein's Homecoming. It was a big event for the Greeks on campus. There is an early morning parade of floats made by the different chapters. We have our alumni meeting now, and a lot of the time the alumni will meet at the house in the morning to watch the parade together. It's always nice to catch up. Of course there is the game with the homecoming court. The court is made up for 5 girls & 5 guys all voted there by fellow classmates and faculty. Our girl Steph from TEM won my senior year! Always a good bragging right to have under our belts :)Well, I guess it would be her belt huh?!

The Pumpkin Show. This is something that Kevin introduced me too. His hometown of Cville is known for this "fair", and I've gone every year (with or without Kev) since we've been together. It's filled with great foods, a lot of things are pumpkin favored & greasy- YUM!, there are parades to watch. 7 actually throughout the whole week, and friends to hang out with & get sill-ay with.
The pumpkin tower & crowd. The tower is there every year and it's where people who have grown pumpkins get to show off their harvest. They also give awards for things like the biggest pumpkin.
Cville ladies :) Love them
Getting into some shenanigans after pshow hours and some bar hopping :)

These are my fall traditions. Luckily this year will be no different. I've been downing some Pumpkin Spice Lattes, you'll be sure to find me at homecoming and the pumpkin show, and you better believe the Bath & Body Works has already experience the whirlwind of candle nabbing by this girl :)


Stephanie said...

thanks for the shout out :) You're making me excited for fall, which I wasn't until now!

Megan Robideau said...

No problem lady! I'm glad I could slightly alter your outlook on the fall season :)

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