Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge: Day 3

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge
This one is all about Halloween folks! One of my favorite holidays :) Today's topic specifically - What do you do for Halloween/A Halloween memory or 2. 

I have several great memories of Halloween parties come and gone. Mainly due to the parties on campus....wait wait wait I friendly gatherings, not parties, not on Otterbein's DRY campus. Just kidding O.C. we neeeever would have had parties on campus :)

Anyways, really Halloween has becoming something more I've gotten into since college. Back in the home town of vdub we didn't really dress up unless you were like 5, which is acceptable.

The first year I dressed up, my sophomore year, I remember going to one of those like Halloween Towns that pop up all over Columbus when Halloween is around the corner. I think I tried on a million different costumes. You know the really cheap ones that a lot people end up wearing. I wasn't completely satisfied with what I ended up with but it was the only costumes that I could find that didn't leave my hiney sticking out the bottom. Seriously how do girls where those short little costume dresses. I can't even stand let alone sit or bend over without my butt hanging out. 

Anyways, I was a "sexy" gangster. I guess I figure it's Halloween I can dress semi-slutty. Isn't that just the general rule of thumb for Halloween? That year we went to our friends house for their annual Birthday/Halloween costumer party, and then to top that off Kev's frats rush party was around the holiday and I got to dress up again. Same costume but at least I got more of money's worth out of it!
The group at the bday/Halloween party! Look how young we all look!
During the college days we didn't really stay consist in what we did each year. I got lazy for junior year since it was just going to be a party over at Kev's frat house. I pretty much opened my drawers and figured out what I had. After that ganster outfit I decided I was not going to spend money of a costume I didn't particularly like or even fit me well. So I went with the volleyball player. I had everything I needed. I know kind of lame on my part, but you won't be disappointed with the next two Halloween's.

Junior year was a bit more fun. Kev's frat yet again was having a Halloween costume party so we just stuck around campus. I went more out on this one mainly because for over a year I wanted to this costume idea.

 Pop-Eye & Olive Oyl. I have actually been called Olive Oyl for awhile...since Jr. High to be exact! I can't really say I get offended because it's kind of true, I do sort of look like her. And who better for Kev to be! He even has a slight Pop-Eye look to him. Maybe it's just the muskcles (as Pop-Eye would say!)
One of my favorite pics from that evening. Yes, I'm touching the fake chest hair. Ew lol. 
I'd have to say this night was one of my great Halloween memories. I had such a great time with everyone and fun with the costume. Both components for an unforgettable Halloween.

The year after senior year costume, definitely another one of my favs, and definitely one of the easiest. Kevin came up with this one and we decided we had to go all out. Luckily for him, and myself really I'm not someone who takes myself to seriously and likes to have fun. Even if I kind of look like a big idiot. So dressed up like Wayne & Garth from Wayne's World. SCHWING!! We ended up going down to High Ball, which is just a big party in the middle of a closed down street. It was a good time, and we got a lot of shout outs on the streets :) Always a good thing if you ask me, at least when it comes to Halloween costumes.
Party on Wayne!
The group. We have Danny & Sandy, Bert & Ernie, Alan & baby Carlos, and then a dead captain.

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