Thursday, September 1, 2011

One Month

Today is the day that marks one month to go. OMG! OMG! OMG! This is not real. One month...just one...not 2, not 3...not the 19 I started with, but 1. OMG! I've literally had the final countdown playing over and over in my head this morning.

Now while I may seem a bit hysterical I can promise you I'm not really. It's a big mix of emotions, a big mix that has been fueling inside me since the day I said yes. I'm excited, terrified (of things getting done, NOT of marrying Kevin), I'm stressed, nostalgic, ecstatic. I'm a lot of things and I think you have probably figured that out by now.
I know why I feel most of the emotions that I am feeling, yet others I'm still a bit unclear.  Maybe that is because it's coming down to the wire. I know I have done a lot ahead of the scheduled timeline, that's just me. Things have fallen into place quite nicely so far, so I'm not sure why I'm so scared about things getting not completed? Maybe it's the fact that I can no longer say, "Oh I can put that off just one more week, there is time." NO THERE ISN'T! Really, that's ok. I've said it once and I'll say it again I'm ready, ready to be married, ready to stop having to make decisions, just ready! I'm more excited than anything, although I feel like I haven't shown that emotion much. Mainly been showing the stress =/ Sorry Kevin.

I can't believe that sooner than later I'll be down into the teens for the countdown. I keep saying that I feel like I've been planning this day but that it never really felt like it was going to happen until recently. I mean obviously I knew it was going to happen, but it's more that it seemed so far away still, like the day would never actually get here. Well its just ahead, it's almost here, it's closer than almost. We are right there!

Luckily yesterday we had a meeting with our wedding planner Kate. This is one thing I'm definitely going to say, if you are getting married, soon or not so soon I HIGHLY recommend getting a wedding planner. I know it's not something everyone can justify, or may even need but it's definitely worth it. She has been a god send for us. Gone over every contract, helped us negotiate - which is a BIG deal and can save you a ton!, gone through every detail, and asked us smart questions to help our decisions. Honestly I would say even if you don't get a planner for the planning, get someone to completely run the day of show. You don't want to have your family having to worry about where vases are going the next day, or being their for the flower set up. Just easier to have someone else do it for you :) 

That being said  I was put more at ease yesterday that what I thought I'd feel at a month to go. Hopefully my emotions will remain in check for the duration of the planning. Here we go kids, one month to go. One month until everything comes together. One month until I'm Mrs. O.

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