Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's Ok Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

Yep, I decided to do another one today. Just call me ambitious :) Here we go! 

It's OK that I'm doing another blog. Link ups are just so fun to do! 
 It's OK that all I'm thinking about this week is that next week I only have to work two days!

It's OK to get slight anxiety after thinking about only having to work two next week because our wedding is next Saturday! 

It's OK that even though our honeymoon is going to be awesome I think about how I'm going to miss Gunner! 2 weeks is a long time without my pup!

It's OK that I spent a litttttle to much at Bath & Body Works the other day. Part of it was for a present and the other was for some fun decor around the house. Justifiable right....right?! 

Got a couple of these.
A couple of these: one for the kitchen & one for the half bath which most people use. Aren't they cute!
Told ya I wanted to get more pumpkin stuff! I love the sleeves for the candles.
Of course I had to get a couple candles to go with the sleeves!
It's OK that yesterday I completely over indulged at Marcella's last night for the bestest birthday. It was her birthday after all...and it is Marcella's. 
It's OK to wait to do somethings just so you know you have something to do to fill your time later. 
It's OK to ask Kevin to give me a back rub every night. What I'm stressed?! And thank you Kev :) 
It's OK that I can't stop smiling thinking about the fact that is 9 days I'll be Mrs. O! I CAN'T WAIT! 

What are you OK with this week?

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