Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Friday

Good morning & happy Friday :) I'm looking forward to this weekend. There are so many activites, and really lack there of. It will be a nice weekend to get out and about, yet have time to relax.  

First off, it's a holiday week. Long weekend, short work week next week. I'm not complaining! Ya better believe I'll have a post about Labor Day as well come Monday :) Enjoy the "last" weekend of summer!
Heck yeah strong-ass women represent!
Second, it's the start of football. I know there has been games on but for some reason I haven't really counted those. Even better - I get to start off the season with tailgating at the OSU game. Despite all the drama around OSU football I'll still cheer on the Bucks. Can't turn your back on something in a time of need. However, I would like to mention I'm not one of the crazies as OSU fans are known for being nuts (no pun intended). I really don't care that much, sure I want my team to win but if they don't I don't care I won't lose sleep. 

Third, it's Kev's Stag Party. Yes, Stag Party. I kind of like that name instead of Bachelor Party. Idk it just sounds more fun :) Of course I will not be there...thank God...but I am excited for him. He will be getting to spend a night with some of his closest friends and let lose. It's also what I would consider the first big thing for the upcoming nuptials for him. He hasn't gone to the showers, those are for me, I had my bachelorette party already, now it's his turn. 
It's the sexy stag - this would be Kev if he were a stag :) James Bond edition!
I'm just hoping none of it remotely resembles The Hangover -  EEK!
Ok I suppose the Wolfpack speech could be included, but not the drugging part!

Fourth, did I mention it's a long weekend?! 

Have a wonderful & safe Labor Day weekend everyone :)

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