Friday, September 23, 2011

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge: Day 5

Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge
Day 5 and half way through the challenge :)

Today's Topic:  Things you are looking forward to for fall!

Well I think I can start off by saying that I look forward to the fall itself about half way through summer. It's usually about at the point when summer gets so stinkin' hot you can't venture out.

Other things I look forward to during the fall?

The changing of the leaves. It's probably my favorite things about fall, but only lasts what seems like a week.

The weather. 60's & 70's are prefect :)
Ok ignore the rain, the temperature is perfect :)

Our wedding, DUH! 8 more days to go!

Tailgating/football get together's. Always a must a few times during the football season. I suppose I like it more because I get to hang with friends & eat a lot than the football itself!

The grill master :)
Even Gunner gets in on the action

Bonfires! I think that's enough said. (can't forget to add s'mores - that's just a given when you say bonfire in my world)

Boots, Scaves, and Cardigans...OH MY! I"m obsessed anyways but the cooling of the temperature just gives me an excuse to buy them!

Pumpkin Show!  Enough said :)
1st & 2nd place for the biggest pumpkin last year!
To go right along with that fall foods/drinks! I love heavier foods, even though I get heavier. Comfort foods are my favorite, hands down! I also love hot drinks like teas, apple cider, coffee, hot chocolate. Can't really eat or drink those things comfortably until fall hits and weather is a little cooler.
I love foods like chili & potato soup during the fall!

Hot Apple Cider - YUM!
Source: via Diane on Pinterest

I have alot more things that makes me look forward to and during fall :) To bad this post can't go on forever. Today is the first official day of autumn! I think this was a good post to start it all off!

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