Monday, September 12, 2011

Waldo Wedding

There was no question as to where you could find a Waldo this weekend, at Sam & Sean's wedding! These two are friends of ours through both the fraternity and sorority. Sean is Kevin's little. For you non-greeks it's kind like of a "big/little brother" set up. Sam was in TEM, my sorority. They were also a couple that we got to watch develop into a life together.  There seem to be a lot of those this year. I love it!

The wedding was up in Huron, OH at place called Sawmill Creek Resort. I never found out if it was a special place for Sam & Sean, but I know that Sam was wanting to get married on the water. However, a little lady named Mother Nature was not allowing that. Rain & high water forced them to get married in a different spot on the grounds. It didn't matter, it was still very pretty.
Sam is quite a simple girl, and I think that her dress completely encompassed her style. Minimal, not in a bad way. She's just a no muss no fuss kind of girl. I thought her dress was beautiful and perfect. I loved the pop of red for the shoes, and as you can see she's got some brightly colored bridesmaids that help the red shoes out. 

The Waldo's! I wish you could see it better but Sean ended up having the brightest red lips thanks to Sam's lip stick lol. 

The food at their wedding was fantastic. One of the best meals I've had at a wedding hands down. What was great is that Sam is a vegetarian. Sean, is not. At all. There was a great mixture of food due to this fact, and for dessert? My favorite, cupcakes. They had a mix of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry all decorated in fondant flowers. I'm not much into fondant but I loved the cupcakes themselves! Anyways, I ended up eating entirely to much (I think this is my catch phrase), especially for the dancing that soon followed dinner.

My sister was in the wedding, if you didn't notice by the bridesmaids dress. She was also the lucky lady to catch the bouquet. Ut oh Chris (Ju's bf), better look out! I'm not sure she put the bouquet down the rest of the evening lol.

Shaking it with the hubs-to-bed
My girl Danielle. Also was in TEM, and her hubs is Sean's little. Like what Kevin is to Sean.
With the lovely bride & TEM sister . See, don't you LOVE her dress!
With the groom. This is also their Club (frat name) family. Kevin is Sean's big, and Jason's grand-big. That makes Sean Jason's big. Kev - Sean - Jason, see :)
The night continued with dancing and mingling with friends and the newlyweds.

It was a great party and always a good thing to celebrate a couple coming together for a new life. These two deserve one another and I wish them both nothing but the best in their future!

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