Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Therapy

Yesterday was a much needed day off for this girl. I needed to get some things done, and then lay around & do nothing :)

So that is what I did!  First off I needed to go get the guys some socks for the wedding. Yep, that's one little fun detail I'm making the guys do. Once that was done, you know that I couldn't just leave. I needed a little bit of retail therapy. I was killing two birds with one stone though and did get some items that I wanted to get for the wedding.

Anyways, first on the list socks. Express was my first thought at finding some guys socks with purple without being tooooo girly. I was right.
Of course I couldn't just leave there with just socks. That's just wrong. So I left with these little numbers :)
I love these sweaters from Express. I have several in different colors. I've added this hue to the closet this year :) I've been really loving this camel/tan color the last year! Maybe because it works with both black & brown?!

I love these flowy button ups. Easy to wear to work or a night on the town! This color is a new one for me, but I'm excited to experiment with it. I would say it's kind the undertones of an army green but there is more brown in it.

I had to get Kev something. He was a bit hung over from the night before, Bachelor party remember :) Not that clothing cheers him up but he likes to have new things for the new seasons.
Kevin is kind of like me in the sense that he is pretty simple. Nothing to fussy, and usually in a dark color. Black, blue, hunter/army greens, gray. I've gotten him some sweaters from Express in the past and he seems to like them and wear them out! This one is easy, it could be casual, but he could wear it to work over top of a collared button up. Versatility. I like it :)

He's in love with waffle shirts. I probably get him at least one once a year, it's just in a different color. This year it's gray & navy :)

Next I moved on to Nordstrom. I can usually find some pretty good basics there, but I've been looking for good staple items with a pattern to go under my cardigans. I think I should note I have a million cardigans so that task shouldn't be so tricky.  But I wasn't having much luck. Instead I left with this :)

So far I haven't been into the short shirt trend. I am not someone built for a short shirt. However, this caught my eye. I love the pattern on it, and once I tried it on it wasn't that short. I think its because it's pretty wide  & hangs off one shoulder. I like it, that's what matters right?

Ok so I got the clothing, now it's time for the shoes. I wanted a new pair of brown flat boots. I love boots, in my mind I will never have enough. So where do you head for a good pair of shoes for cheap? Well, cheaper anyways?! DSW! Right now, at least in Columbus they have got some brand new stuff in. A good portion of that being boots! I was in heaven when I walked through that door. I did maintain some self control and only left with one pair, the brown flats boots I came for. It was hard, really hard, but I made it!

I love these :) Nine West, so they are pretty comfy, and they fit my narrow feet (it's a curse!). 

I'd have to say it was a successful and controlled shopping trip overall. Bring on the fall weather :) 

Once shop therapy was done, so was I. I went home and laid around with Kevin the rest of the evening. We ordered in some Chinese food :) and watched Everything Must Go. 
What are with these movies that people make that are sad, and sometimes a bit twisted; yet the cast is full of some funny people. Movies like: Observe & Report with Seth Rogen or World's Greatest Dad with Robin Williams. It wasn't an awful movie, it's just not funny, and I think when I see Will Ferrell I want funny. 

We also got some things for the wedding check off the ole To Do list. Even though they seem minor, it's good to get them off the plate :) 

Yesterday, was pretty awesome. I hope all of you had great day off too!

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