Thursday, September 8, 2011

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What do you want to be when you grow up? Well I can tell you that I've had that question asked a million times. I hope to be asked million more because there are a lot of things I dream about doing, and dream about but know I will never do it (because I don't' really want to). What got me thinking about  this subject is the other day Kev says (as we are watching a movie) - "I want to do that, be a lumberjack."
Kyle (our friend) -  "Ugh, why?"
Kev - "You don't think that would be cool?  You know working outside, hard manual labor." (I know I know Kev's cray cray).
Kyle - "No, that doesn't sound like fun at all."
Me - "I'm not surprised. Are you really surprised he's saying this? Kev's of a different kind Kyle you know this."
Kyle - "True"
Kev -"I guess." Says the kid who works for his dad in the 100 degree weather on his half days off of work.

However, as soon as he said "I want to do that, be a lumberjack", I immediate thought - "Ya know I don't think I'd want to do that exactly, but I wouldn't mind working outside instead of indoors all day. Yeah, I want an outside job." Do I really? Probably not. Is the thought appealing sometimes? Heck yeah! Isn't the thought of doing something else than what you already do appealing to anyone? I really like my job, and I'm pretty happy where I am at. Not that I don't have ambitions to get to other places that I would like to end up, but I'm not looking to make a move just yet. I always think it is so much fun to think about the things you would want to do if things like money weren't an issue, or even think about the things you would really love to do realistically down the road.

I can remember back when I was younger that I didn't really say I wanted to be anything in particular very often. I don't think it ever changed that much either. I remember at one point wanting to be a ballerina/dancer.

I can also remember thinking about being a teacher, a psychologist, and even an OBGYN. I'm serious, and it was honestly a career field I thought about for awhile.  I decided it would be to rough on me emotionally in the long run, better just stay safe with a computer. I landed on the business career path pretty early on down the road (other than the OBGYN thoughts).  My dad is in business so it was a pretty big part of my life and it was/is something that still influences me today.

Tips for Business
What do I think about doing now? Realistically these are the things I would like to do with my career. I have a lot of options for myself and I think it's all going to depend on where I end up once the family starts coming along. I graduated with a marketing degree, it's not something I'm using at the moment. That is ok and really seems to be pretty normal for someone my age to not be in something they went to school for. However, I did spend a lot of time and money learning the marketing biz so I would really love to get into the creative side of marketing, advertising/commercials. I think my dream companies would be able to make commercials for Gatorade, Nike, or Budweiser. 

I love this commercial. My favorite from last year's Super Bowl!

Nike is always a bad-ass when it comes to their commercials. I love all the effects they use in them and all the stars they incorporate (as they should! Even though LeBron is now a bad word in Ohioian language he got some killer deals and commercial spots with Nike & I love them! 

This is my all time favorite commercial :)

I would really love to work with animals, again mainly dogs. It's a big dream of mine to become more active in the dog world and either - 1)start fostering dogs for shelters or military soldiers who have no one to leave their dogs with while they go on tour. Read the story of what got me interested in this: Reggie the Dog. Warning -  you will probably cry.  I can tell you this is something that WILL do and try.  2) Help start a no kill shelter and be part of the leadership. Pretty self explanatory as to why someone would want to do this :) 

I've thought, more lately, thanks to a little birdy in my ear about going to law school. I think it would be pretty tough, but something I can handle. It would also be a great line of work for me since I like argue and I think I have pretty good argumentative skills. I get pretty passionate about people and wrong doings so I think it would be something I could succeed in. See, options.

Some things that I've thought about doing that aren't probably realistic for me. Become a photographer. I love photography, and I love to take pictures. It's something I've thought about as a career path, but I think I've realized it's just much more of an interest/hobby than a career aspiration.

Professional life guard. Ok you laugh but I'm not kidding. I'm a very strong swimmer, and who wouldn't want to sit outside all day in a swimsuit! I could probably thank Baywatch for even having this thought in my head as a "career".

A teacher. I thought about being a teacher as a kid, and realized at a very early age that I will NOT be a teacher. Mainly because I have very little patience and I don't think a school would be to happy if I just slapped a kid. Hey, it could happen. However, I see kids today and I've seen some horrible teachers and bad educational institutions. I just would love to help those kids out and give them a better education. Give them a fighting chance!
Why I won't be a teacher :) Leave it Calvin to get the job done!
A politician. I think I could actually be an ok politician, other than the fact that I don't lie and actually follow through with things. I want to change the way things work around here, but I'm not sure becoming a politician would actually get me those results or if I would just end up all over the tabloids for being a b*tch.

Some of you will say I'm dreaming pretty big, or even not really being realistic and these career paths don't count as dreams because I don't really think I'll peruse them. Remember you are allowed to dream whatever you want, there is no rules against dreaming big. What do you want to be when you grow up?

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