Friday, November 4, 2011

Bring Alpha Company Home for the Holidays

Good morning, 

This isn't the normal Happy Friday post that I usually do! No one, this one is special and I want to make it an especially Happy Holidays for some friends of mine :) 

You all know about our good friend Jason & Danielle...righhhht! Right! Well their brother-in-law, Jason's sisters husband,  Mitch, is being deployed to Afghanistan after the holidays. He's currently still in the US but training on a base before they leave. I met Heather, Jason's sister, awhile ago but I've been around her more this year and I absolutely adore her. She's an amazing woman, mother, and friend. So why do you ask that I'm making this so special for them. Lots of reasons - 5 to be exact :)
Mitch & Heather
First, and foremost that I should let you all know that I am a HUGE supporter of the troops in our military. They do an incredible thing for us and I am more than happy to show them my gratitude. Whether you believe in a war or not, you have to understand these men & women are doing what they are ordered to do and keep our butts free! That, no matter what, I can appreciate!

Anyways, not only do I want to see Mitch come home for Heather, but also for his boys. He's got some adorable kiddies! The first 2 are Lance & Wyatt. I know these boys look up to Mitch and love him dearly. They know what Mitch does it important, very important, and with him gone have definitely stepped up to help Heather out. 

Why does Heather need help? Well because there are two more little boys in the mix, Kade and Quinn.  As you can tell they are little nuggets and need the supervision that toddlers & a newborn call for! Quinn was actually born days before Mitch was shipped to his base in the US. I'm so happy he got to see the birth and I know that the whole family feels the same. 

So with all that being said please help and donate HERE to the cause to bring Mitch and his company back to their families for the holidays! They would all greatly appreciate it. If you are interested in donating to Mitch specially please leave a note in the comment section "Alpha Company 1st Platoon, Sgt. Mitch Zimmerman".  

Now check out some pics of this adorable family! You won't be able to NOT donate :)
OMG! Could they be any cuter :)
The boys :)
Don't you love this picture! They had this photo shoot done like a day before Mitch left!
The Zimmerman's :)
Mitch with his boys! The day he left for boot before deployment.

Happy Friday and have a good weekend!

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