Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Shennigans!

The hubs & I had successful 25th birthdays and an overall good weekend!

Friday night was our bday celebration at Dave & Busters!
 Kev's been itchin' to go for awhile and it's been...years...since I've been. There was even a first timer there (cough cough** Danielle) lol. It was a lot of fun, something that Kev and I both enjoy. Dinner was pretty good but the games were, of course, the best!

Happy Birthday to Us :)
Lindz & her main squeeze,  Ross!
Bestest & First Timer!
My aim was for the tickets, Kev's was just for the games. So you could find me and the ladies over playing skee-ball or basketball or one of those wheels that you could get a 1000 tickets. Guess what, the first timer got the 1000 tickets! Bia!

This was one of my favorite things ever! We come around the corner to see where everyone is. They are taking up the whole line of racing cars! I couldn't even get them all in one pic! I love my friends!
Sorry there is a split, I couldn't fit them all!
Saturday was a bit more laxed. Some of the girls and I headed up to Tiffin for a friends baby shower. Jesse, said friend, is also my "big" in the sorority. For those of you who does not know what I mean, she's like my "mom" in the sorority. A little strange I know, nor do we act like real mothers lol. It was nice to get to see the group of girls, it doesn't happen often, unfortunately. Jesse got some good stuff for baby girl! I can't wait to meet her :)

Lovelies :)
Momma got some gooood stuff for Baby Girl :)
That evening was spent on a date night for Kev and myself. We headed off to Ruth Chris where I immediately ate my weight in all this yummy, delisiciousness and even more quickly fell into a food coma! I'd never been there before so it was fun to go somewhere new. The food was great and I thought it was pretty cool, and slightly dangerous that they serve their food on 500 degree plates! I guess when they say "this plate is quite hot" they mean it :) And me being my lame self I did not get any pics of the meal! Blogger fail.

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

I have to learn how to make this creamed spinach! SO GOOD!

Sunday was a glorious day full of shopping at the outlets! You all know this because I've been mentioning it for a couple weeks. It was all it was cracked up to be, and even winder :) My goal was to look for others for some christmas gifts, but also look for our house. I did just that and got a little extra for myself & the hubs. A few more people off the Christmas list and a few more things to add to the home place! My favorite thing that I got while there was from Pottery Barn. It's a new bed spread and I got it at a really good price!

After. I'm in love. I even got new accent pillows to go with it!
Nest <3
Of course I got some other goodies, for both me & the mister :)
If you've never owned must! Corningware Soup Mugs. They are amazing. Obvi it can be used for soup and has the handy dandy lid, which I love, but it's also good for things like dips because you can heat those up or put them in the fridge. The lid makes it nice to take to work! Overall great purchase. I already had 1, had to get some more :)
The Pit Mitt for the man! Used for turn things over on the grill and handling other hot pots/pans.
 Of course you can't forget that I did some shopping for myself. It was my birthday after all! 
Got this at J.Crew. Yep, rockin' it at work today :)
Banana Republic purch. It will be great for a casual day as well as with black pants to work!
I'm excited to wear this, I don't seem to have much luck when it comes to finding cute tops/dresses to go with leggings.
So I'd have to say it was a pretty great weekend. It was a great 25th birthday for sure!


Danielle said...

ohhhhhh my bangs look so bad in those pics! ah, scarry!

But I LOVE the bedspread! It looks so good all together! I would say that is quite the improvement from the before!

Shane Prather said...

Love love love your bedding! Good choice :)

Megan Robideau said...

Danielle - Haha your bangs are fine, you just aren't use to them. Yeah I'd agree! The shabby checkered spread had to peace out boy scout! I'm glad I found this bedding! Now on to the rest of the re-doing!

Shane - thanks! I love it :) I was between two but I knew the second I saw this in the store it's what I'd get!

trobideau said...

Ha! You and Kim have the same BR sweater - though hers is purple. I hope you used those coupons I sent you. And the new bedding looks great! when you have straight lines on the bedding, you have to be very good at making the bed or it will always look lumpy. Pattern is usually always forgiving. Looks great!

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