Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Night of the Living Dead and a box of Franzia

This past weekend was full of a fun activities. One of them being Highball here in Cbus! Pretty much a big Halloween costume party in the middle of a street, High Street, to be exact. We've been a couple times, and when I say "we've been" I mean we went for like 5 minutes 2 years ago and bounced because it was freezing. This year...we didn't even make it there because it was said coldness! Instead we headed to Mac's which was warm, had food & beer, and just as many costumes to look at. 

Can I please say that I do not remember it ever being this cold around Halloween time when I was a kid...okay maybe once or twice because that indeed would not be like Ohio to have the same weather every year at the same time. However, I do remember going around in just a costume, no coat covering it, no gloves...maybe a hat. I think I even remember being in a t-shirt on trick or treat! I digress. 

It was a Friday night to remember though. We started off at our friend Jason & Danielle's place, hanging out with some frans, eating, and drinking. Everyone got their costume's around and ready there were some good ones!

Remember how I told you I'd have a really good costume this year...well we had a good idea...that did not translate so well into the costume itself lol. We tried to pull off Step Brother. It didn't work, the wigs just weren't close enough and thankfully Danielle & I do not look manly enough! lol. We just looked like girls in wigs with a Catalina Wine mixer shirts on lol. We didn't even get any pictures. We decided to join the husbands and being zombies. We didn't go as extreme, but I think we did a nice job! 

 Of course some of our other friends were much more creative! 
We got your bee,she dressed like that so she could say "I'mma Bee, I'mma Bee" like the B.E.P's and then of course Steve Jobs!
The ladies! All kinds of costumes - pizza, Frida, a flapper, Pearl Harbor - idk if that's what she is but that's what I called her!) lol.


One of my favorites was Andy's costume, the Franzia box of wine. He actually had wine duct taped in there that you could drink. At one point said bag of wine got ripped off the inside and spilled everywhere in the middle of a side walk, it was close to the whole bag as the only people that drank it were his girlfriend and a couple drunk guys (awkward) walking to the bar!
Simply Amazing...and hilarious!
We finally headed out and made our way to the bar, Mac's, as I mentioned before. The night was full of laughter and fun. Despite the costume fail I had a great time! I'm reminded every year at Halloween how amazingly creative my friends can be! I love that about all of them :) 
Frida - check out the brow!
The fellas :)
She was hungry...
Officer Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead (amazing show btw!). Not so good for us Zombies running around!
See I told ya!
The gang :)
What did you do and dress up as? I hope you all had a great and safe Halloween weekend!


Ashley Slater said...

I am so jealous of everyone's halloween party pictures!!!!!!!!!


so glad you had fun though, zombie steve jobs is the best. haha

Megan Robideau said...

I take it you didn't get to dress up and party for Halloween :( Hopefully that changes next year :) Steve Jobs was one of my favorites too!

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