Monday, November 21, 2011

Why are we always the aisle?

Good morning lovelies :) How was your weekend?! Mine was GREAT :) This weekend was a fun filled weekend full of friends. Did I ever tell you how much I love my friends :)

As mentioned in Friday's post we went to the Fitz & the Tantrums concert at Newport Music Hall here in the bus. The concert, as to be expected, was awesome. We went with Jason & Danielle (go fig.) and Jason's dad and some of his friends. We started off going to Eddie George's Grill! Amazing food and it's close to the music hall.
It was pretty busy. Luckily we found a place to stay with a table! SCORE!

Jason attacking Danielle lol. This picture makes me laugh!
We moved to the concert where the opener was just starting. I have to tell you...I have no idea who the opener was. I couldn't understand a word they were saying when they spoke into the mic, including their name =/ But they were pretty good!

Finally the main event - Fitz & the Tantrums! WOO. They were really good. One of those bands that's actually better in person then on the radio! I love the two leads. They both have their own style - both in fashion (clearly) and in voice. They are just plain out talented. I will say though that I have one major frustration with Newport Music Hall. It's all standing which is fine but that also means it's chaos. It always seems that we stand somewhere we end up being the aisle way! Everything shoving through us, and it always seems just to be us. There seems to only the other people who end up being the aisle way that get touched, everyone else goes by undistributed, dry (people spilling beer on us), and un-annoyed with people!
The bestest.
Super Cheese for Kev and a Crustache for Jason :) Jason's doing the Movember Charity! If you'd like to donate to the cause go to the Movember website here!
Getting ready to start...lots of screaming ahhhhh!
The lead singers. They were amazing.
I'm not sure why all my concert pics turn out so crappy. One of the many things I still need to work on with  my camera.
Saturday was a bit more relaxing. Kevin and I went to lunch at Longhorn, cleaned most of the afternoon. Until the Buckeyes/Penn State game came on. Talk about a let down =/

However, look how clean the living room is! Tonight I'm going to be working on the kitchen.

We went out for our friend Bill's birthday that evening :) We went to Bdubs to get a drink, some dinner, & to watch the UFC fights & the Blue Jackets game.
Pretty good fights overall! Not really any of my favorite fighters but I'm glad that I'm back to having time watch them!
the CBJ game was intense, and amazing!

And we ended up winning!!!!!
We also went out to this little hole in the wall call Bob's Bar. Never been there before. It was interesting and yet again I did the blogger fail & didn't take any pics.

Sunday I spent a good portion of the day hanging out with Danielle. I went home and continued to clean. Mainly putting away a ton of laundry. Something else I'll be working on tonight, as usually. However, as I was cleaning I started to feel not so hot =/ Ya know, congested, sore throat, headache, achy body. So decided to stop and give myself some tea & computer time :)
Check out the Queen mug :)
I when it starts to get cold mainly because I start to drink tea again. I drink iced tea in the summer but it's not the same and I don't normally drink warm things in the summer. Just so hot already! Time to bust our the Teavana tea and brewer!
My favorite: Taj Masala Chai Black Tea
I have this brewer, a present from Danielle & Jason last Christmas
It's Monday of a short work week so I suppose I can say I'm in a pretty good mood & I hope you all have a good Monday back!

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trobideau said...

This is nice but a bit confusing. Were you in a hurry? I am afraid it won't be long before my pet peeves cannot be contained and I will start correcting your grammar and punctuation if you keep this up. Just a word of warning. If you know me (and I know you do)you know that I have practiced amazing restraint here. My red pen is uncapped and sitting within reach. BTW - I will love you anyway now matter how rotten your grammar/punctuation gets!

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