Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ugh headache

Lately I've been battling off this weather change "sickness" that I usually get around this time of year. I guess actually it happens early in the year most of the time since it's not usually this warm & raining in November.

It's been the normal sore throat, I get one whenever I'm sick. Doesn't matter what the illness is. Of course the ever so lovely splitting headache, and top it off with some congestion & sinus pressure. Luckily it's all something that I can function with since I don't really want to use my last remaining PTO days on the couch feeling like crap.

Despite having all of these things in a mild form I seem to be fending it off. It's not getting worse. I feel as if it's getting slightly better but slowly.

So what do I do to refrain from getting sick? Here are some of my sickness fighters.

1) Get the flu shot. I've only done this the last two years, because I can get them at work for free. However, both years I haven't gotten sick, at all. Not even a cold in there it seems. What I "have" now is not a cold, but a weather thing, I swear. Still sucks though!

2) Rest. Ok so I'm not very proactive about this but as soon as I even start to feel a tickle in my throat I know it's time to slow down a bit and give myself some good rejuvenation time. I'm one of those people if I over work myself while I'm not feeling so hot it will only get worse. I can't sweat it out of me like some of you, nope, I've got to chillax a bit.
Source: google.com via Whitney on Pinterest

3) Meds. I don't rush to meds for everything, but certain times they are needed! Times when I know it's not just a headache or I know I won't sleep because I can't breath. I told ya. I've gotta get that rest!

Haha I LOVE NyQuil! 

4) Tea and other fluids. I drink a lot of tea whenever I'm feeling in the dumps. It's my go to. It's my go to for most of the cold weather months anyways, but I feel as if it gives me the extra bit of antioxidants that I need. I also will drink a lot of water, OJ, and Emergen - C(even though it's not good).

5) Last but not least. I cuddle with the dog. He makes everything better :) DUH!

Happy Tuesday!


danielle said...

that big, white bed looks SO COMFY!! I want to curl up and go to sleep now. Thanks Megan lol.

bubbletoes said...

I think it was pinterest I read to cut a lemon and hold it on your forehead for a few minutes..'sposed to work on a headache. If it doesnt put it in some tea :)

Feel better!!!

Julia said...

OOOOOhhhh. Gunner is really the best medicine. Remember when I got my wisdom teeth otu and was miserable? He never left my side. Baby boyyy! Tuddle buggs.

Megan Robideau said...

Danielle - Lol I know! Maybe it was a bad choice of picture lol.

Bubbletoes - thanks! I'll have to try that just so see if works or not. Thanks!

Ju - he's a big cuddle bug! He loves his aunt Ju Ju sooooooo the wisdom teeth comfort was no big deal!

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