Thursday, November 17, 2011


My house has been puppy central for what seems like awhile's been a month I believe. To tell you the truth, it hasn't been bad. We've seen improvement in Lucy which I think is a really good thing. However, there are times where we have to remember she is a puppy and still learning. That part we get a little help with...from Gunner. 

Gunner and Lucy are so funny together, and sometimes they are really annoying. Luckily we are pretty use to having dogs around. We've noticed that Gunner and Lucy have started acting just like siblings would! It's crazy really considering they are dogs but he doesn't act that way with Hannah or any other dog. Yeah they wrestle but then then is the taunting, and the ignoring that happens with Lucy. Trust me, he doesn't ignore the Nanster! She wouldn't let him even if he tried :) 
Hannah & Gunner at Jason & Danielle's apartment after our wedding. They are in Gunner's bed, he'd never let any other dog do this but Hannah!
I've enjoyed watching their "relationship" changing from a little bit of jealousy from Gunner's side and just completely puppy madness from Lucy, to this playful, hilarious, healthy relationship!

The Wrestling Sequence


Another way the wrestling usually starts! Lucy's says, "What?! I wasn't biting Gunner!  
Gunner guarding his toys from  Lucy!

Feedin' time. Lucy usually inhales her food but she's gotta be close to Gunner. She stands there & just watches him eat. It annoys the crap out of Gunner. Lol. 
Take 1. Clearly something better over there. Sad part...there was no one around.

Take 2. Cute puppers!
I just love animals and how they can so greatly enrich your life! 

Happy Thursday! One more day until the can do it!


Julia! said...

I love all these pups! They're sooooo cauuuuute!

Danielle said...

Awwwww Gunner and Lucy! I love this post! They are so darn cute! and definitely like brother and sister!!

trobideau said...

What is Gunner going to do when Lucy has to go home? And poor Lucy! She doesn't know where home is!! You may have to keep her!

Lindsey said...

Lucy has gotten SOO big. I can't believe how much she has grown.

Megan Robideau said...

Ju & Danielle - they are cute puppers aren't they :)

Mom - idk what Gunner is going to do! Really the longer we have her the easier it will be to keep her.

Lindz - I know! She's getting bigger by the day...and still has a looong way to go =/ lol

Sam {} said...

the dogs look so fun!! i grew up with big, fun dogs, but our house is just too tiny to have any yet. hopefully one day :)

Megan Robideau said...

Hey Sam! I hope you can get a couple of your own someday because they are fun! If I didn't have the space I wouldn't be able to have them though either..they can be a handful. lol. Might be an understatement lol.

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