Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey Day Fun

Probably should have done this post on Friday but since I didn't have to work and was heading up to the Northwest I didn't have the time that I would have liked to nor did I really want to have to think a ton. It was my day off people alright. Day off = no thinking. At least that early in the morning.

Anyways, this year we spent Thanksgiving with Kev's dads side. Well the whole Thankskgiving holiday at Mark & Lynn's was up in the air as they have been re-doing/renovating a house and we have no idea if it'd get finished in time. Thankfully, it did. Enough that we could have a nice Thanksigiving dinner with the family, some friends, and of course big ole' Charlie!
Family <3
The in-laws! Or should I say out-laws?
First Thanksgiving as hubs & wifey
Family friend Doug (far right), his parents (middle), & Marky Mark (far left)
The 3 Megan's :) If we thought it was hard before, now it's even more confusing with all the name changes! lol. When saying Megan O'Dell you can get both "big" Megan & myself to answer.

Charlie! She's HUGE! No picture ever does her size justice. She's like another person, weigh in at about 100+lbs!
Since she's so huge she can sit right up on the couch.
We had all kinds of food of course. Mark (Kev's dad) did a lot of the cooking...where do you think Kev got the skills from? However, Kev and I did contribute some green bean casserole and creamed corn! WOO HOO for helping :)
Crackers for scalloped oysters. The O'Dell's are big oyster people. I'd never had one until Thanksgiving with them!
All of that fit into their new oven!! 6 casserole dishes. Clearly Mark is excited :)
We not only had turkey, but we had 2. One was oven baked and the other deep fried. I bet you could guess which is better thanks to that lovely lovely grease.
Kev carving turkey number 1 :)
Everything was so good, and of course we all over ate. It's not really Thanksgiving if you don't feel like you are going to immediately bust open or fall into a coma. What a great holiday! I hope you all had as great of a Thanksgiving as I did!

Happy Monday :)


Shane Prather said...

Darn we didn't have the infamous Oyster casserole this year!

Mary Brown said...

Mandy & I did the oyster toast. It was in honor of my dad. Megan, I truly wish you would have had a chance to meet him.

I am so glad you all had a wonderful day!!!

I loved seeing Mart in the picture. She is truly and AWESOME lady. I love her!!!

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