Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Muckin' Good Time

This weekend Kev and I went down to Cinci with my parents and sister to participate in the Mudathlon
It's like the Warrior Dash...or Color Run (only with mud!). 

Let me tell you what. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I had a lot of fun! 

You see I am not much of an endurance runner. The though of "running" a 5K scared me. Pathetic? Maybe, but I'm telling you folks I'm not like a miles and miles kind of runner. Short, sweet, and to the point that's my running style lol.

Well this 5K was so riddled with obstacles that running didn't happen to much. Ya you jogged between things, but for the most part you were climbing, jumping over things, or slopping through the mud. 

It was almost difficult to just let go since most times you aren't looking to get covered head to toe in mud!

The race was held at a farm.
Luckily the race was in waves so there weren't a ton of people there at one time.

This was probably one of the biggest farms I've seen.
They had this huge open space where the food, band, and, more importantly, beer tent was for us after the race.

 We were told it'd be a good idea to duct tape our shoes on.
I am not so sure we needed it but whatever.

 The before picture :)

 We were all pretty excited to get going!

 The monkey bars.
Those suckers were slick after having to run through some muddy areas prior to this obstacle.
I probably should inform you that these will jump a bit as it was difficult to get any pictures while trying to run this and not get your camera ruined by the mud and water everywhere!

Mom getting up and over the rope latter thingy.

 Then my bia of a sister nailed her with water.
Don't you worry, karma (aka Kevin) came back and bit her in the butt at the mud pit for my mom :)

These ropes were the only way down...
and it wouldn't have been so bad if they'd cleared the stumps out of the way!
Ouch! lol.
As you can see by this time we are covered with mud and dirt.

Finally, the after picture!
Our faces are clean things to the paper towel piece they give you at the end.

It was a lot of fun, and honestly, challenging at moments.
The funniest part was being able to get that dirty.
Sounds weird, but most people don't get to do that everyday and not really worry about it.
If you get the chance you should definitely give one of these a try!

Happy Tuesday!



bubbletoes said...

Loved your pictures! It sounds like fun if you like mud. :) I could have come just to take pictures of you guys!

The Management said...

this is awesome- you guys all look so happy in the mud!

Married...with a Pup said...

How fun! My friend did this last weekend here in Cincy. She said she couldn't get clean for a couple of days lol!

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