Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Can't believe it's Wednesday already!
How about you guys?
How has your week been so far?
  Let's start the day right with some pins shall we?

Can't wait for that chunky sweater weather :)

Source: via Vicky on Pinterest


I think this is good to know!

Found a solution to my bathroom "shelving"

Haha, I did.

Aww puppy smile :)

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

I don't know whether to laugh or scream "genius!"
My problem would be not smudging my nails on those trying to get my fingers through.

*sigh* I want.


Happy Wednesday

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Sarah E. said...

I love chunky sweaters - esp with that scarf. Gotta repin that tummy pain thing. I love the FG, nail protectors, and spaghetti pins :)

Mary said...

Hey Megan! I'm visiting from Sarah's blog. You went to Otterbein? Me too! I graduated in 2007, though, so maybe I'm too old lol! I was in Theta Nu with Sarah. Yay for small worlds!

Love your blog, btw :)

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