Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wedding: Bride & Groom


Today's wedding post is pretty simple.
All about Kev and I.
To this day I feel bad saying the day was all about us.
I think it's because there were so many other aspects like our families and friends that seemed just important to us as it being our day was to them.

Just a reminder for you :)
All pictures by Brandy J. Photography

Of course these are some of my favorite pictures, and of course I feel the need to show us off a bit despite my feelings about being the center of attention.
I got Kevin a watch for his present. 
It's a Victorinox and I had it engraved on the back. 

Can I tell you how difficult it is so walk in a wedding dress, and try to kiss while still moving is?
It's difficult...and awkward.

It was so chilly out on this little deck area. Good thing my dress had pockets.
I am not a cold person but despite the cold I had fun getting these pictures with Kevin :) 
I just love my handsome husband! He takes such good pictures. 

I love that you can see the Dispatch sign. 
Such a big part of Columbus, and it's clear where we are.

I love that Brandy and Sticky got to capture this.
I can't remember why I was making the face but I know it's one I make often lol.

Haha our entrance.
Kev wanted to lift me up and carry, but I definitely had to give a good jump since I had heels and a dress with a long train. 
I thought for sure we'd end up on the ground lol. 

I loved getting to see everyone together, but the best part was being able to look over at Kevin and think "that is my husband!!!!". 
I don't think I've ever smiled so much...ever!
I have an incredible guy that I can call my own, my love, my whole life. 
I'm so lucky.

Happy Thursday

1 comment:

Candice said...

This is so sweet :)
That's going to be my favourite part - being able to say 'husband' to my man!

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