Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ed & Jessy's Wedding

This weekend Kev and I went up to Michigan for my cousin Ed's wedding.

They were married up at our lake, Jessy's family is also from that area too! It worked out prefect that they could get married at a place they love. Literally right on it if you want to be technical.

I'll let the pictures do the talking :)
 The groom & my cousin, Ed!

 Where the ceremony happened.
Isn't it beautiful?
They really couldn't have had a more perfect day for a wedding on the lake.
I love even more than this lake means so much to them individually as it does together as a couple.
 My aunt and uncle :)

My cousin Rachel.
How pretty is she?!

Don't you love the color combo.
It was a great color scheme for a late summer wedding.

They wrote their own vows. And they both did a really great job.
It was heartfelt, and personal.
Not sure there was a dry eye in the house.

 Mr. & Mrs. J!!
So I'm telling you guys right now this reception was something off a Pinterest board.
It was so cute!
I coudn't get enough. 

 Again, those colors! 
Love! Love! Love!
 How cute was that little dessert table set up?

Cousin Joe, and the Best Man giving his speech.
He did a really great job and it's been awesome watching these two boys turn into great men.
 Maid of Honor speech.

 They had a really great live band.
They played covers of songs.
The whole reception was up and dancing the entire time.

 My cousin, Nicole.

We all had such an amazing time.
I am so happy for Ed and Jessy, and I wish them nothing bu the absolute best.
I am so excited to watch their family grow, and enjoy more family celebrations with them!



Nikki said...

So pretty! The brides dress is beautiful!

J+H @ Beyond The Stoop said...

congrats to mr ed! i hope that since it was at the lake there was some bride-and-groom-jumping-into-the-lake festivities that you just didn't show ;)

Casey said...

Their cake is AMAZING!! I love it!! Looks like it came right off one of those baking shows from the Food Channel!!

osmr said...

Another family wedding that was a huge success! The white cake was SO delicious with the raspberry filling in between the layers! I wish the Patron bottle was bigger so that I could properly induct David and Justine into the family. Such a fun and happy evening! It was also great to spend some more time with you guys and Ju as a fabulous fam of five!

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