Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's Ok

Its Ok Thursdays

Morning folks.

I'm pretty excited to get the Thursday rollin'. 

Linking up with Neely for It's if you haven't noticed. 

It's Okay...

That this week has actually felt kind of slow. 
No need to rush all the time.

To crave champagne.


To feel much better after a good hair cut/trim.

That I am trying very hard to stop focus on this headache I have, but can't.

To enjoy nonsense sometimes.
Source: via Tina on Pinterest


To be super excited to get everything pulled together for our anniversary trip
Can't get here soon enough!
To leave some errands for the last minute. 

That you get excited because Sam Adams Octoberfest is on the shelves. 
1) It's really good and our favorite. 
2) It means fall is right around the corner.


To realize that I'm clearly ready for the weekend with all this alcohol talk. 
I swear I'm not an alchy.

 To get a little "freaked out" when you think about who old your younger cousins are, and then realize how old that makes you seem.

Finally, to laugh at this :)
Happy Thursday!


1 comment:

The Management said...

ooooh the last one.

I like netflix, too.

hate birds, though.

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