Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wedding: The Deets

Well folks this is the last wedding post I got for ya. 

Of course I'm sure I'll use some of the photos as I love to relive the day through them.
Hopefully you've enjoyed them too :)

This will be more of an informational post.
In case you are interested in using or checking out any of these vendors. 

The Where's:

Ceremony: St. Joseph's Cathedral

Ya get a pretty nice idea of what the room looks like in this picture :) 
There will be another room shot below.


Make-Up: My sister :) 
Seriously, if anyone would like to hire this little lady she is good. Contact me and we will see what we can do :)

Hair: Keisha
Love this girl.
 I'm lucky enough to have a couple lovely girl friends that are hair stylist at Kenneth's!
She came to the room, which was awesome, and did everyone's hair.
She did a fantastic job!
Wanted to give you guys a closer look at Keisha, she's recently engaged! woo!

The Attire:

Dress: Watters: Escalante

If you haven't heard of this place you gotta check it out. 
It's considered the only competitor of Kleinfeld's and it's here in Ohio!
Near Cincinnati to be exact - they call it bridal row. 
Great selection. I even bought my jewelry and veil there. 

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman: Chantelle

If you get the engagement ring there fellas they give you a good discount on wedding bands.

The Who's:

Florist: Bloomtastic
 Flowers in the church.

We used lots of candles as our centerpieces. 
We both love candles and decided it was a pretty and cheaper idea than getting flowers for all the tables.
 The short centerpiece

 The tall centerpiece

DJ: Encore
Brandy and Sticky did such a good job of not getting the DJ in the background that this is the only picture that even remotely shows him!
However, these guys are some of the best DJ's you'll ever find.
The announcer was awesome, and the music was even better.

Photographer:  Brandy J. Photography
Yes, these beautiful people are Brandy and Sticky. 
They do an amazing job, and they are so fun to work with!!!
We owe so much to them for giving us such great pictures to remember our day with!

 Photo booth: Shutterbooth

Last by certainly not least I have to give a TON of credit to our wedding planner Kate. 
I know I say I did a lot and I owe a lot of people for the help....
Well I owe Kate like my life. 
She did an amazing job helping Kev and I find all our vendors, go through all the contract, and sending us reminders when things were due, plus much much more!
What she did for the planning she did double the day of.
Not once was I asked a question about where anything should be, where someone was, what song should be played, etc. 
Kate covered it all and then some! 
She was our life line for this whole process. 
People I'm telling you if you invest in anything for your wedding find a planner for at least the day of if not the whole planning part!
It makes a world of difference :)

Whew, that was a lot of info. 
Hopefully you all stuck it out with me =/

Happy Thursday!



Tennille said...

Down to the last detail, everything you did looks so beautiful!

Sarah said...

the cake is so pretty! and of course I like the fall color scheme ;-)

osmr said...

I must agree 100% that Kate was worth her weight in GOLD and then some. I cannot imagine what it would have been like without her. yes I can. CHAOS!!

You forgot your dance instructor!!! Can you edit?

You did a great job Megs! You kept moving at a steady pace and by the time the big day arrived, you had it all in place. Knowing what you wanted helped a lot and trying not to please everybody helped even more! Those are words to live by with wedding planning.

It's been fun to relive this with you!! XO

The Management said...

I'm so sad this little wedding series is oveerrrrr :(

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