Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Happenings

I'm not sure about you guys but I feel like this weekend flew. 

I mean, I know weekends always fly by, but this one seemed extra fast?!

It was a fun weekend and included: productivity, fun, and relaxation. 

How that all happened in that short amount of time I'm not sure, but I liked it! 

Friday we headed over to the Dublin Irish Festival
It's in the city of Dublin (duh!), and is pretty much just a fair with Irish themed everything. Food, drinks (whiskey is the specialty), art/crafts, and of course the crazies that come out of the wood work anytime something fair related pops up.

Danielle and I :)

I was too busy stuffing my face to get many pictures.
Go ahead and judge me...the food was awesome :)
 Saturday morning Danielle and I went to a yoga class at the Columbus Commons
We had heard about it, and Danielle suggested we go earlier in the week to give it a try.
It was pretty good, but I don't believe this will be the only yoga class we end up taking. 
It's free peeps so if you live or are in the Cbus area check out the schedule and give it a try, or try one of the many other things happening!

Kev and I's wedding dance canvas arrived.
I knew I wanted to do somehting with all the dance pictures, and even tried to do something myself but it just wasn't working. 
So I headed to the craft corner of the world. 
Yep, Pinterest and Etsy. 
I found the canvas print on Pinterest that I liked, and the got in touch with the woman whose shop can be found on here.
It came out prefect! 
Now we just need to get a frame on this sucker.
Any suggestions for me on the frame?

We have had the washer, and new, working dryer in for a little while but I finally got it all cleaned up an picture presentable! 
So, after all that talk what do you think?

While cleaning the garage the other weekend I realized that our stairs needs to be re-vamped. 
I had remembered finding this pin awhile back and decided to give it a shot. 

Of course, I didn't get a before picture
But, end result. 

I like them! 
I did the "welcome home" as you are coming into the house. 
Very UnAmerican in terms of how we read, but it made more sense to me, like it's welcoming you in :) 
I did not have a stencil either, so I used some printer paper, cut out the letters to be like a stencil, but ended up free handing it more than anything.

Danielle and Jason gave us a full bed that they were no longer using to put into one of our guest rooms since we only had a twin in there.
We've had it for a while, and just now got it up.
However, I will justify it by saying I was waiting until I got all the pieces and parts (the new duvet, the dog blanket for Gunner, etc), because this is "Gunner's Room".
We will get to that below. 
The duvet is from Urban Outfitters, we still need a bed skirt, but I'm working on it. 
It's gray and looks so chic with the blue walls :)

Yes, my dog has his own room in the sense that this is where we put him when we leave the house. 
You see he's a good dog, but really hates when we leave. 
He won't destroy furniture thank God, but he will tear up any paper, box, or toy you have laying around. 
So we keep him in here.
 I was not about to pay for a new duvet just to get it dirty and nasty because the pupper lays up there all the time. 
Enter dog blanket. I found this sucker on
It helps keep dirt off the comforter, shields the dog smell, and keeps the hair at bay. 
It also fits the whole bed! That was probably the hardest criteria. 
He loves it already :) 

Of course I spent plenty of my Sunday cuddling with said dog :)
What a cute face.

It was a good weekend. 
We were able to have some fun, get some shit done, and lay around. It seems like a rarity when all three can happen! 

What did you do this weekend?



Anonymous said...

Love that step! Such a great idea!!

And you lucky girl you for that Irish festival! I am Irish and I am dying to go to one! Something other than St. Patty's Day!

Married...with a Pup said...

Free yoga, that's awesome! Our dog goes crazy too when we leave him. If we were to leave him in a room, he would definitely dig at the carpet or something destructive. So, for now, unfortunately, we have to keep him in a crate.

Ashley said...

Great job on the steps!! What a fun idea. That canvas of your dance is so beautiful!

Jim Robideau said...

Cool stuff.....aren't you crafty!

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