Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday 5!

1) Reading: The Fault in our Stars.
Omg you guys...I am in love with this book.
And I am lying a little because I finished this 3 sittings!
It was a bit of an emotional book..plenty of highs and lows!
It really just drew me in as soon as I started to read.
So if you need a good book to read I am going HIGHLY suggest this one :)

2) Listening to: Entertainment by Phoenix.
I enjoy me some Phoenix and this is catchy!

3) Eating: Cosi Signature Salad (made by me!)
I am making a conscious effort to not get food in our cafe everyday for lunch and so I've turned to creating one of my favorite "restuarant" salads on my own!
Despite my lack of cooking ability I think I can handle mimicking a salad...and it's delish :)
{picture via}

All you need is:  
-Mixed Greens
-Red Grapes (halved)
-Pears (diced)
-Pistachios (shelled)
-Dried Cranberries
 -Gorgonzola (crumbles)
-And I use Raspberry Vinaigrette since I can't find a sherry shallot vinaigrette... probably could make it though huh? 

4) Using: Yes To...products
(there is a little something for you to on this one!)
I recently ordered some "Yes To..." face washes and so far so good!
I've been using the soothing wipes for awhile so I decided to give the washes a chance too!
I went with the Yes to Tomato and Yes to Carrots as they seem to be the most fitting for my skin currently.
FOR YOU! Follow the link and get 35% off: Yes To...

5) Looking forward to: 
I get to spend today and some of tomorrow with my parents!
A nice couple catch up days!
And of course celebrating St. Patty's Day!
 {St. Patty's Day 2011}

Hope you all have a fantastic St. Patty's Day weekend and Happy Friday!

1 comment:

Erica Clifton said...

After reading this post, I am now very interested in reading that book!

And we both share a love for "Yes To" products :)
I have been dying to try their new grapefruit products!!

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