Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Let's Talk Discounts

I am a discount shopper.
I've mentioned this before a time or two.
I've even talked about this exact subject, but I am writing about it again for any of you lovelies who may have missed out the first time, and because I actually use this stuff and will recommend it to no end!

Now I don't believe that a discount shopper is the same thing as a bargain shopper.
I am not necessarily hunting for the best price or buy an extra something to get another free.
It's more like I don't buy anything for it's full price.
I have to be getting some kind of percentage off just because it's priced that way or I have coupon.

I wanted to share some of my favorites because I have found a benefit it browsing and shopping through these sites.
They all have great selections and pretty amazing deals.

All Time Favorite

I find so much on this site it's ridiculous!
All of these sites have a wide range of things they offer but this site is more unique in it's product selections.
The items they sell don't seem to sold just anywhere.
Well, some of it maybe but here you will find some of the most amazing art prints and other home decor, fun t-shirts and fashion items, unique gifts, pet goodies, and yummy yummy food items!

Home Decor Top Picks 

When it comes to searching for the perfect piece of furniture or new knick knacks for the new end table you just bought I hit up these three sites and almost never leave with an empty cart!
Kev and I got our new bedroom suite from Joss & Main and couldn't be happier with it.
Right now they are all prepped for Spring with new colorful items...
you should go check it out before it's all gone!

My Fashion Favorites
(and one stop shops)
Join here

Join here

All three of these sites are my first stop of any fashion shopping I have to do.
I don't hit up the mall, I don't check out any other website until I've looked at these three!
Easy, designer stuff for cheaper.
They really do feature designers and offer a wide variety of options for you to pick from.
Most of the items can be returned too which is kind of a deal breaker for me.

These sites can be a one stop shop for you also compared to my home decor favs.
These three offer home good items from decor to kitchen gadgets and they also offer areas like beauty and travel!
I actually got Kev and I a deal on a hotel in Chicago from Rue La La a couple years ago and it was so fun!
It's worth a look if you are trying to get a weekend away or plan a fun trip with the girls :)

Baby Love

Calling all mothers, mothers-to-be, family & friends of the previous mentioned ladies!
I am not a mama yet but I have plenty of friends that are and these are the places I tend to hit up when those baby shower invites arrive in the mail!
If you are an expecting mother or you know one you can find all kinds of maternity items ranging from clothing to belly bands and what not.
I have gotten some of the cutest baby outfits you could ever dream of off of these and they do have some offers for non-mom peeps, like myself!
However, the main focus is mom and kiddies!

Finally I have a couple of favorite coupon sites that I need to share because really you can only benefit from it :)

Coupon sites
First up and my favorite...

This site will give you coupon codes for deals and other mail sent coupons to your favorite stores.
They cover pretty much any store you an possibly think of...
Target - check! Express - check! Old Navy - check! To you grocery store - check!
I mean bookmarking this site can absolutely not hurt you at all, it will only help the wallet!
You can also sign up to get emails to your favorite stores specifically...if that's not a marketing tactic at it's finest I don't know what is!

Last but certainly not least and one you have all used I am sure...
Out of all the coupon sites I have found that I like Living Social the best.
The deals for us have been better and we've actually used one of their travel deals!
The travel deal was more than we could have hoped for an saved us more than 50% on our accommedations...if that's not a deal for a 3 night stay in Cali I don't know what is!
Happy Tuesday!
(and maybe happy shopping for some of you?!)

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