Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Copy Cat style

As I've become more aware of my desire to be a bit more fashionable I've turned to Pinterest more and more. 
That probably is no surprise as most people do turn to the black hole of non-productivity but I think I do things a little bit different. 
Maybe not, but I guess I'll find out after this post right? Right! 
Anyways, I realize that even though I find outfits I like on there I don't usually have what those outfits consist of and in turn I just get a huge urge to go shopping...
Well that's unhelpful because my goal is not to expand my closet and shrink the wallet but to work with what I have.
Plus I've found that I am not looking to make an exact outfit from pinterest, I am looking for inspiration and honestly a bit of confidence that certain patterns, colors, etc do, in fact, work together.
So what I've been doing is finding something in my closet I want to wear that day and search for it on Pinterest and get some ideas of what I can pair it with!

Some of the inspiration has been easily found and easily mimicked...

The pin:
I searched "something comfy" for this one.
Maybe it's not the best example, but I got what I wanted I suppose.

sweater: Dorothy Perkins/Leggings: Target/Shoes: Nine West via DSW/Boot Socks & Scarf: gifted.

But some of the searching and in turn the copy catting has been difficult.

The pin:
I searched for "maxi and sweater"
Source: stylet.ag via Megan on Pinterest

Maxi: Express/Shirt: J.Crew/Scarf: Express/Shoes (not pictured): Steve Madden via DSW

Well...my outfit isn't quite the same...
I don't hate it, and it was quite comfy but in the end it wasn't what I was going for.
I found that I just didn't have what I needed to pull it off.
Just don't have the right wrap sweater for it...
Here comes that urge to go shopping.
I did find a pin similar to this outfit later in the day too and it made me feel better about not looking like a dummy with an outfit that just wasn't working.
Do you ever question what you are wearing, even at the end of the day after you've been wearing it for hours?
Maybe it's because you aren't quite confident in it, maybe it's because no one mentioned how cute you look, but I have it happen and sometimes finding something to reassure me, even 9-10 hours later makes me feel a million times better.

By the way, do you follow me on Pinterest?
Love you have you join me on my fashion journey...
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What do you guys do when it comes to finding fashion on Pinterest?
Are you just looking for inspiration or are you looking to purchase the exact outfit?

Happy Tuesday

1 comment:

Katie said...

Girl, you have way more style than me! I love how you started with what you had though instead of going on a shopping spree. And seriously, why was I not following your blog before today?!

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