Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Good morning and happy first day of spring.
Sadly it doesn't really feel like spring here, it's freezing...but at least it's sunny!
I just can't wait for those temps to get warm and actually stay there.
I can feel it coming though.
Makes me smile.

Let's get pinning shall we...

Source: viaMegan on Pinterest

Raspberry Swirl Sweet Rolls.
Oh my sugar coma...these look amazing.

Pretty much how it goes for me lol.

I totally do this!

Food portioning matters!

Happy Wednesday!

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Rebecca and Lori said...

Great pins! I especially love that tupperware pin! It is ssssooooo true!
Have a great Wednesday!

Adrienne Rose said...

Great pins, I love love love that blue dress! I try to eat how the plate pin shows, it's a really good way to watch proportions!

Anonymous said...

These are great pinterest finds! I want to try the no heat curls, hopefully it would work on my crazy hair :)

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