Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Travel Tuesday Kauai

Helene in Between

For our honeymoon the hubs and I decided to go big or go home. 
19 months of planning we knew we deserved to head somewhere nice, and warm!

We weren't sure where were going to go but we ended up lucking out on a few things through the process and it was quickly decided that Kauai would be the place.

When I say lucked out I mean we got a very generous offer when it came to accommodations and Kevin is the master of all travel and got us our tickets for half of what they'd normally be. 
That's right, half. 
He came busting in the bedroom at like 11:30PM one night and informed that I needed to get up, get the credit card, and we had to get our tickets right now! 
I'm going to give him even more props by saying we have yet to pay even close to the normal price for flight tickets on any trip we've gone on together.
Anyone need a travel agent?

Anyways, bragging ova...

Kauai is a little slice of Heaven that we are hoping to go back to for years and years. 
I would go so far as to say when it comes to be timeshare time, it will definitely be there.

After a year and half of being away my heart and even my soul longs to go back to the beautiful and wonderfully laid back island.

The trip was perfect.

Since Kevin is a mover and a shaker there wasn't much time spend laying around on the beach. 
No worries ladies I got my hours in and a couple of them I didn't have to put in the effort of hiking 3 miles to beach just to lay out.

We did do a lot of hiking which was so much fun because everything there is so beautiful!
We also went to a luau, a helicopter tour, zip lining, and tubing down an old sugar cane plantation irrigation system!
I really cannot wait to get back there and I wish everyone could experience a Hawaian vacation.
It has to be the real Heaven on Earth.





Happy Tuesday!


Helene said...

good lord this is gorgeous! we had two years before we got married so I totally understand! this looks like so much fun, even with the hiking ;) haha! i do love my time lounging on the beach!

Emily B said...

Awesome photos! Looks like a dream honeymoon! I would love to visit there someday!

Kim @ Slice of Life said...

Looks so awesome!! I definitely want to get to Hawaii one day, but it's cheaper to fly to Europe than to Hawaii from NY! Crazy!

Kate @ Green Fashionista said...

Everything looks incredible!! I can't wait to finally get my butt over to Hawaii :)

Katie said...

Ahh so beautiful!! Hawaii is definitely on our list. So before we go we will definitely pick your brain for ideas!!

Jess said...

These are the most beautiful photos I`ve seen all week. Just gorgeous!! I think you picked the perfect place for your honeymoon. Do you have any of the photos framed in your house?

My Travel Tuesday Post

Andrea H. said...

Stunning photos!! I've never visited Kauai, but I've heard it is the adventure island. Definitely looks that way from the photos. You guys must have had an amazing time!!


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