Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A day in family history...

So thanks to a lovely little flu bug I wasn't able to enjoy or celebrate an important day in family history this weekend. 

It's an epic day for us. 
It was the birth of my seester. 

I'm sure it was pretty evident that as soon as my sister joined this world our lives were going to change. 
For the better. 

She's a free spirit, and really we couldn't be more different.
Yet, at times we couldn't be more alike.
Any of you have that problem with your siblings?

She's caring and has always have a big ole sentimental heart. 
She loves all things animals, especially dogs!

She can make anyone laugh with her hilarious impressions and "characters".
She dances, and loves to put on little skits. 

She's a shopaholic just like the rest of the women in the family, but she's got that eye for sparkle.
Hence her nickname of Sparkle Plenty.

There is nothing dull or plain in the Julia's world.
I should count my blessings since that means she finds me interesting enough to keep me in it.

I know I don't tell her as often as I should but she is a great sister, and a good friend.
Happy Birthday Ju!
(her bday was actually Saturday, told ya, fail on my part)


1 comment:

osmr said...

Very sweet and well summed up! You are a good big sister to our deal little Sparkle Plenty!

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