Tuesday, October 23, 2012

San Fran: Day 1

You guys are going to get another Cali post, and it's been less an a week since the last one :) 
Accomplished one little goal, check!

On the Saturday of vacation we didn't get to San Fran until a later, so our day 1 is technically day 2, but who is paying that close attention? 

We stayed at The Mayflower Hotel.
If you guys go to San Fran I really suggest looking this place up.
There was a conference in town so almost all of the hotel rooms had been booked by the time we decided on this vacation destination. 
When I say all I literally mean all, like every hotel, every room.
We found this and it was a GREAT price for a 4 night stay. 
The Mayflower is a little older of a building, but I think that's what makes it special.
It's got amazing character and is within close walking distance of...well pretty much everything!
These paintings were all over the building. 
Some were of historical happenings around San Fran, some where just for art.

Union Square was just a couple of blocks!

 We were told by the front desk guy that Golden Gate Park is the place to be on Sunday's.
Per usual, he was right!
They close the streets that run through the park on Sunday's so the place was full of life.
People were biking, running, whatever all through the street.
There were a million things you could have done around the park.
I will say that I think this was my favorite part of San Fran.
The whole time I told Kev that I wished we lived there so we could spend our Sunday's roaming around the park, having a picnic, listen to music, etc. 
 All of the fun things you can do! 

The beautiful flower Conservatory

 So while we were in the park Alanis Morissette was throwing a free, that's right free, concert!
It also included Matt Nathenson and Phillip Phillips. 
This was the mob line to get in, to an already very full area.

 We watched a free band play.
Lol what a band right?
They were actually very good and it was there 134 year of being able to do free concerts in the park!

This bridge was built in 1893. 
Still holding strong :)

 It's hard to see, but there were TONS of turtles on those logs. 

 They had free dance lessons happening. 
This one was a swing dance class. 
It was so neat to watch some of these people, they were good!

 The Japanese Tea Garden. 

This part was probably one of my favorites of the park. 
The rose garden. 
I think if you were there in the summer you'd see way more of the flowers in bloom.
Even then, they were all so pretty, and fragrant!

It was neat to notice that different roses actually smell very different!

We then moved on to what made sense, the Golden Gate Bridge.
I think it should be noted the Golden Gate Park and the Golden Gate Bridge aren't actually that close together...there is actually a whole different park in between them. 

There were a ton of sailboats. 

  Alcatraz in the Bay.

They had a little museum/fun facts on the vista for the bridge. 
It was interesting to learn the history and see how big some of these cables actually are.

 Some guys were surfing right underneath of the bridge. 
Didn't realize that was a surf-able part of the ocean, but apparently it is.

 Next came what I would say was the most challenging part of the trip, at least in San Fran.
Where to eat?!

If you haven't been to San Fran before I would suggest getting restaurant suggestions before you go!
There are around 7 thousand restaurants in San Fran.
That doesn't seem like a lot but when you also know that San Fran itself is only 7 square miles you realize how many places there actually are to eat!
Another fun fact for you: San Fran residents eat out at restaurants per capita more than anywhere else.
We had a hell of a time trying to just pick one.

We finally found this amazing restaurant thanks to Kev and the Food Network reviews.
If you like Thai/Chinese you HAVE to go here, but anticipate a wait.
It was amazing!

Day 1 in a nutshell.
I wish I could show you all, all the pictures because there were so many neat things to do and see.
Guess you are just going to have go for yourself :)

Day 2, coming soon.

Happy Tuesday!

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