Monday, October 29, 2012


This is going to be short and sweet :)

This weekend was a great one!

Friday was spent celebrating Jason's birthday!
There was food.
There were board games, cards, and the Kinect.
There was amazing company.
I really don't think it could have been much better!
I also believe it's important to note that this Friday I didn't get to bed until 3AM!!!!!!
This my friends in a Megan Miracle.
I never stay up that late, especially on Fridays, and there was no real reason for me to be awake other than hanging out with friends, and even then I usually fall asleep on the couch until Kev tells me it's time to go :)
Of course I don't have any pictures of this night, but it was fun! 

Saturday was High-Ball here in Columbus.
All High-Ball is, is a big ole costume party in the middle of...wait for it...High Street.
Get the name now?
They close a big portion of the street and they have things like costume contests, karaoke, etc.
If nothing else it's always interesting.
We aimed to get down to that on time but by the time we walked the few blocks in the cold we opted to just go to one of our regular bars!

What did we go as you ask?
What better costume for this girl than a Queen costume! Lol. 
I really didn't intend on being a queen, I just happened to find the costume at TJMaxx and like most things I had procrastinated on a costume idea and didn't have much time to do anything else :)
I think it's pretty perfect myself!

Danielle was a flapper girl.
It was the cutest costume, and easy to add things yourself (like those pearls she has one!).
And she got herself one of those long cigarette holders to round out the look.
To be clear Danielle doesn't smoke at all, this was for accessorizing and to be used as a weapon later in the evening.

Jason was by far the most creative. 
He was the guy (Aaron Ralston) from 127 Hours
Isn't that great?!?
Everything came together so nicely...he even used one of the cow bones that Hannah chews on as the bone for his "arm"! It looked real folks!
People loved it. 

 Sunday was spent working and cleaning up the house.
Boringggggg....but perfect for a cold, rainy day!

How was all of your weekends?
Do anything fun for Halloween?

Happy Monday!



Anonymous said...

Oh my stars! That costume is awesome!

Heidi Hopewell said...

OMG I love Jason's costume! How creative!!

Anna said...

Cute Costumes! What a fun weekend!

Brooke said...

Great Costume! =) How fun!


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