Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Swap

What up my party people?

Yeah I just said that.

Sooo this was a bit of a fail on my part.
This was supposed to go up yesterday, and I thought I'd be able to get it posted even though we were traveling back home.

Well, I could have, but apparently iPad & blogger aren't really friends.
Does anyone else use their iPad to blog? How do you do it, because I couldn't!
The pictures kept getting messed up, couldn't get it to show the whole post, or scroll to see the whole thing, etc.

I disgress...
I was lucky enough to be paired with Stormy over at It's Me against Margaret. If you haven't checked out her blog, go do it! It's a good one!

Since I was away, and my sister was at our place taking care of the pup she sent me the pics :)
Thanks Ju!

A scarf
 I don't have a leopard print one so this is perfect.

Some new nail polish
This color is called Miss Fancy Pants :)

A tie up headband

A pretty cross bracelet

And finally a Halloween chocolate chip cookie!

 I would have to say Stormy nailed it! 
I love it all and I'm so excited to use/wear all of it!

Thanks Stormy and sorry for the delay!

Happy Thursday!



Brooke said...

Love that scarf! I just got one exactly like it, Too funny!

Have a great day!



Krista said...

Fun! I love that polish color:)

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