Monday, October 8, 2012

Perfect Weekend!

This weekend was perfect weekend.
It was a nice mixture of relaxing and productivity :)
Friday was spent with some of us going over to my friends, Lindz & Ross, new place.
It was a Mexican themed meal and per usual I ate entirely too much!
Laura, another friend if the at all Mexican foods.
She ever so lovingly gave us this amazing margarita recipe that I must share! 

~1 jug cran - strawberry juice. 
We used cran-rasberry & I thought it was so good! 
This is something to note as it seemed to quite difficult to find cran-strawberry juice around these parts 
~1 orange juice concentrate
~1 limeade concentrate 
~Lots of ice

The original recipe calls for half of everything and adding tequila to taste.
We did the whole thing of everything: juice, concentrates, and added tequila to taste.
Just make sure you have a large enough pitcher to accommodate for juice, and melting concentrates!
Could be very messy if you don't!

It's this recipe + tequila!

Saturday was spent lounging around.

I got to do some make up cuddling with Gunner :)
I think he was pretty comfy!

Kev was in my hometown hunting!
If anyone is interested he ended up getting a deer.
I went to Jason and Danielle's to hang out for awhile. Socialize and eat pretty much lol. 
Then that evening was some more lounging around & watching the OSU game!

Sunday was a day o' productivity for me!
I did some deep cleaning in the kitchen.
It was greatly needed, and I've decided to tackle one room at a time until I've deep cleaned them all!
I have to show you these mugs Ju got us for our one year.
I think she understands us pretty well ;P
I also finally finished my fall wreath!
I know it's just wrapping some twine around a cardboard letter but it's tedious and took much longer than I expected.
However, I'm happy with the results!

How was your weekend?
Do anything fun?

Happy Monday!



Chloe said...

I love your mugs! They are so cute =)

osmr said...

You cannot have a perfect weekend without your hubs! And if you were just going to eat and drink all weekend you could have come here and done it with us! We cracked a few Oktoberfests and ate a lot. I wish you could have seen the guys when they got home Saturday night. You'd have thought they won the lottery. The top of your father's car, however, looked like it lost a serious battle!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

How fun! You were up to a lot of fun things. And your dog is too cute! Mine has the same brindle coloring :)

Thanks for linking up with us!

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