Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Update

I'm not sure about all of you but I wasn't fully prepared for this weekend to be over. I was not ready for Monday!

This weekend was spent mainly being productive.
 It seems like most of my weekends are calming down and becoming moments of laziness with a punch of productivity. 
It's nice, and honestly feels good to be able to get things done.
Although, it also feels good when I'm sitting on my ass doing nothing.

I mentioned last week that I was going to Pumpkin Show this weekend, and that I did. 
Well I went on Friday. 
However, due to the weather, I didn't get a single picture! 

Sadly it was rainy here this weekend, and Friday was the only time I could make it down there. 
Said rain did not keep us from eating our way through the thing though. 
I seriously wish I could live on "fair" food, especially when things like Pumpkin Chili (it's like normal chili, only with pumpkin spice) and Pumpkin burgers (Sloppy Joe's made with pumpkin instead of the chili sauce) are thrown into the mix. 
This years pumpkin contest winners!
1315 lb pumpkin!
{image here}

Saturday I got my nails done (come back Friday for the Nail Files), and ran some errands.
I think I told you all that Kev and I got a new bed suite a couple weekends ago.
Thank you Joss & Main. 
Anyway, I wanted to pick up some cute little knick knacks, so I did. 
(sorry for the fuzzy pictures, they are cell phone pics)
 Found this Queen sign at World Market. 

I also got this little deer jewelry holder, and a little basket that will be my "junk" basket. 
Can I tell you how much I love that place, World Market that is! 
They had some of the cutest decor stuff...
and wine...amazing wine!
 This is a new favorite for me :)

I also made my way over to Target for some picture stuff and I actually made it out of there with less then $100 worth of stuff!
I think that's a record. 

Sunday was spent getting some stuff done. 
First, and foremost Kev's deer was finally ready. 
Ready as in the processessor had it all butchered up.
Weird to say but I am excited for all of our deer meals, and good thing since we ended up with two boxes (boxes o' meat as I like to say). 

I think the whole rest of the day was spent hanging out stuff around the house...finally!
and doing some laundry. 

This has to be my favorite thing we did yesterday!
Remember I told you I got these hanging vases from CB2?
Well they are up and my air plants finally have a home, that isn't a towel on the table :)
We just got some decorative hooks and twine from Home Depot and up they went.
It's now my little "green" corner. 

 We got some more pictures hung up, and of course I needed to throw a crown into it all :)

 More pictures hung. 
Can you tell that Kev and I really loved our wedding pics?!
You will also never have any issue in figuring our who's house you are in because we have pics of ourselves everywhere lol.
More friend & family pictures to go up soon!

 I'm calling this our Ohio wall :) 
Now I just need some little trinkets and a small frame for the shadow boxes.
Do you guys have any shadow boxes? 
What do you put in yours?

Are you still here?
If I wasn't lame and had gotten more (and better) pictures I'm sure this post would be much more appealing.
But that, my friends, was my weekend! 

What did you do this weekend?
Hope whatever it was made it awesome!

Happy Monday!


Jamie said...

You went to Target and spent less than $100?!?!? HOW??

Lindsey said...

The shadow boxes are such a great idea! You could collect some season Ohio things and switch them out with the holidays/seasons!

Stopping by from the link-up.


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