Thursday, October 25, 2012

Project Inspire

Hollie Takes Notes

I recently participated in the Project Inspire swap hosted by Hollie & Chelsea!

I thought it was a good idea, and I am always using quotes for inspiration so why not spread the love!

I was paired with Ms. Heather over at SimplyHeather.
She has one cute blog so after you read this I think you should make your way over to her little corner of the net and show her some love :)

Heather sent me a nice card with a couple quotes I am loving! 

She also included this cute little frame with a quote on it.

I've added it to my new dresser trinket collection :)

I think it's important that we all spread some inspiration.
You never know what you will say or do that will inspire someone else to take action and follow their dreams! 

Thanks Heather for the inspiring quotes :) 
All of them speak to me in there own way! 

Happy Thursday!


Jenn said...

Those quotes are absolutely amazing. I also participated in Project Inspire and had such a blast.

Sar said...

So sweet that Heather sent a frame too! What a wonderful partner!

Visiting from the Project Inspire link-up!

Hollie Ann said...

What a sweet little gift!

Oprah is so amazing...ALL of her quotes are the best I swear haha :)

Thanks so much for linking up and participating in the swap. I really appreciate it! Have a fabulous weekend friend :)

SimplyHeather said...

Hey girly, I'm so happy you received and liked the quotes! I haven't been on here much lately, but I'm going to probably make up a post tomorrow <3 thanks so much for your sweet note and the quotes! Such a creative idea <3 xoxo

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