Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 13-Goals

My Goals for 2011: 
1) Keep my sanity
2) Get married to the love of my life - it's definitely happen it's just not all planned yet lol. 
3) Get a permanent job. Working on it. 
4) Starting leading a more healthy lifestyle - exercise, feeding, mentally
5) Try at least 10 new things - food, experiences, hobbies, etc
6) Make some new friends. 
7) Maintain this blog
8) Start volunteering on a regular basis

Goals for many years to come:
1) Become successful in my career
2) Start a family
3) Make new friends :) 
4) Try as many new things as possible
5) Travel! 
6) Make a difference in someones life that I don't know yet
7) Somehow contribute to the fair treatment of animals - help start a no kill shelter, volunteer at a humane society long term, etc. 
8) Make upgrades on my house now, and move into the house of my dreams when the time comes :) 
9) Survive!

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