Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 28-Something that stresses you out

Something that stresses me out...hmm...good question. I suppose I have more than one major stress-or. Immediately I have things popping into my mind. I am someone who does not manage stress the best. Sometimes I snap at people because I'm grumpy, a lot of the time however I just hold it all in. Which can be just as worse as snapping sometimes. 

1) Bad drivers. I shouldn't even get myself started on this topic but I really don't understand why driving is so difficult for some people. It's a long list of rules...follow them...not hard. I'd have to say I have a pretty bad lead foot but overall I'm a good driver. It's those people who are driving like 50 mph on 270 that drive me crazy, you are going to end up killing someone, if you can't drive fast do not get on a major highway! DUH! Or those people who like to think their way is the right away at all times. WRONG! If the cars are on your side of the road you don't have a right away - even if you try to hurry and speed up to miss me! Even better...parking! COME ON! There are lines for a reason kids! Maybe this is just more of an annoyance but I get stressed out driving a lot. It's not even because I'm scared but because I'm really annoyed with the idiot in front of me. 

Is it really that difficult to park?
I may need to make myself one of these signs.
Looking at this picture I get anxiety!
2) Being late. I can't stand being late to anything. I've always been that person who is 15 mins early to everything. If you're on time you're late..that's my motto :) However, when I'm running late, or you are holding me up I get very impatient. I start to get my anxiety feeling and I start to stress. Just ask Kevin. I will say that I do believe I am getting better about this. Being patient and not stressing about being a little later than what I thought we'd be but I'm not quite there yet. I will never be someone who runs late anyways - I think it's rude. I understand sometimes things happen but when you are constantly the one running behind you probably should start getting ready earlier...just saying..

3) As of right now...wedding planning! It was more so earlier on when I was picking the bigger things but there are still many many little things that need to get done. I'm more worried that I'm just going to total forget to do something. Everything takes so much time to do - the research, meeting set up, time at those meetings, decisions that need made by a certain time, finding time for both Kev and I get things done, etc. I'm very excited for October. I probably shouldn't stress because I know I'm ahead of the game for October but all the same it's things I'd rather get done while I can than have to worry about it last minute.
Checklist - it's not mine but I have one!
221 until October 1st :)
4) The grocery store. I'm guessing it has more to do with the crowd at the store but I really cannot stand going. Maybe I just have a problem with people in general lol. It's kind of like the driving thing. People standing in the middle of the aisle, people with their screaming children they refuse to remove from the store but threaten to beat them then & there (appropriate), or those lovely people who like ram into your cart turning a corner and don't say a word (it's fine lady just ram into my cart...no biggy). It goes back to the simplicity. I understand you want to look for the best price/deal/discount I do to but I don't need to get in everyone's way to do it. Really you know what you like and what you don't, you know what brand you are going to buy (more than likely you do) just pick it up and leave already. No need to linger in that aisle in that spot for 20 minutes contemplating which type of canned green beans is the cheapest...
No explanation needed...
Ugh - the lines!

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