Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 30 - A Picture

It's the last day! I think this little challenged actually challenged me! I've enjoyed it and I hope you have too. Now I have to think of my own topics =/ lol. 

Day 30 - a picture...a picture of what? That's just entirely to board for me. I had a very hard time thinking of what kind of picture I'd want to use. Just ONE! I decided that I need to quit being so indecisive. Of course it didn't take hold until the last day. My apologizes.

Anyways - I chose this picture: 

Kind of a random picture maybe but I have my reasons.

First - it's by Ansel Adams. One of my favorite photographers. I could only dream to see the sites he's seen. In my opinion he really captures nature at it's finest. Some of the areas he's taken pictures at look as though they've been undisturbed for many years and shows the true nature of Mother Nature - what she can really do if we'd stop destroying her. I think my only wish would be that he'd have more color pictures...I suppose the black and white just makes me want to go see it for myself more! 

Second reason - a tree can represents many things. Life, family, opportunity, strength/endurance, and I'm sure that's not even the tip of the iceberg if you really thought about it. 
  • Life - most trees live in places of seasons - where their leaves are shedding, given back to the Earth, and regrown through an amazing intricate process. Life can go along with the strength area of the representations as well. Trees can live for an incredibly long amount of time some can live thousands of years! Trees have seen more things than anything else on the planet - they've made it through ice ages, droughts, humans, etc. It inspires you to live your life to the absolutely fullest. See as much as the trees have seen :) 
  • Family - hello! The family tree! For many people family is everything, and even for those who aren't close with theirs a family tree and connection still exist. It's explains the bonds that bind you as family. A family tree really can make you proud of where you came from, and appreciate all those who have come before you. 
  • Finally opportunity. Many people say paths, but I say path & branch can be pretty interchangeable when it comes to opportunity. Just like tree branches we all choice a slightly different direction to grow, yet we are all connected and cross other branches now and then. We are constantly making choices as to which branch we want to follow. Probably a lot more than people realize, including myself. 

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trobideau said...

This has been fun to read, Meg! But can you do me one favor? Do you know what it is? ;)

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