Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 22-Favorite city

Oh this is a tricky one indeed! As you've all read before I've been pretty lucky to have had some awesome traveling experiences, some with friends and some with family! I hope to have many more all over the world. When it comes down to my favorites city (or should I say cities). I've narrowed it down to three. All for very different reasons - as you'll soon understand. 

First - Chicago (aka the Windy City) 
Kevin and I just traveled there this last weekend and I was reminded of how much I enjoy that city. Surprisingly, even in this cold weather! We went quite a few times from middle school through high school. It was by far the closet big city around us, and one of the times was a school field trip! The city has such character and history, and really it's the closest city to the home mid west feeling that I have ever been too. There is so much to do yet still has the weather of Ohio (Ok a little colder & winder, duh) but you know what I mean)! 

Of course...Cloud Gate or rather The Bean
Navy Pier
The Field Museum & Shedd Aquarium
Who can forget Chicago Style pizza!
Lake Michigan.

Second - Paris (aka the La Ville-Lumière or The City of Light). Of all the European countries and cities I've been to Paris has been my favorite. Talk about history! That city is just bursting at the seams with amazing historical stories, incredible architecture, inspiring atmosphere, and a creative, elegant, you can even call it snobbish culture. I want to go back so badly now that I'm a little older then when I first went. I feel like I would enjoy it even more! If you ever get the chance to go to this city take it! It will absolutely be worth your while - you may not even want to come back home if you are anything like me! 
History of the Eiffel Tower

At night - it starts to twinkle!
The Louvre - to see Mona Lisa smile :)
Cannot forget Notre Dame

Champs-Élysées and the finish of Le Tour de France.

There are so many castles!
Third - is Maui, Hawaii. I was  in 8th grade when we went so my memory isn't as fresh on this city as much as the other two. However, I remember how beautiful is was! It was that picturesque Hawaii that you always think about. A postcard picture. It's like the colors popped out more than at home. Which is probably true. I love anywhere warm too! I do have a dream to move somewhere with no winter. Yes  I'll miss the LOOK of snow but I can go on skiing vacations or something. lol. Anyways - this is just a town of beauty for me. I'm not sure how much history there is to it - I mean of course there is a history, I just have no idea what it is. It's that paradise that everyone wants to stay in forever (if only!). I think the coolest thing about Maui is that on different parts of the island you will find a totally different habitat - beaches, jungles, desert/volcanoes - there is so much to do and see on just one island! Kevin and I are planning to take our honeymoon in Hawaii and I believe this is an island we are planning to visit. You have no idea how excited I am :)
Beach side
Volcanoes/Dry side
One of their major crops - Sugar Cane.

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Mary Brown said...

You are a lucky girl. This one will be a tuff one for me considering I do not like big cities. I will have to change it up a bit. Love learning about you!!!

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